"Environmental and Hygienic Standards for Construction Sites" JGJ 146-2013 1General provisions 1.0.1In order to save energy and resources, protect the environment, create clean and civilized construction site, ensure the health and safety of construction personnel, improve the working environment and living conditions of construction site, this standard is formulated. 1.0.2This standard is applicable to the management of environment and hygiene in the construction site of newly built, expanded and reconstructed buildings and municipal infrastructure projects. 1.0.3The environmental and sanitary management of construction site should not only conform to the provisions of this standard, but also conform to the relevant national standards. 2term 2.0.1Environmental conservation of environmental protection The general name of all kinds of activities adopted to solve realistic or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between human beings and the environment, and ensure the healthy and sustainable development of economy and society. 2.0.2 Environmental sanitation Refers to the hygiene of production and living environment in construction site, including food hygiene, drinking water hygiene, waste treatment, hygiene and epidemic prevention, etc.2.0.3 Green Construction for Green Construction It is a means to realize environmental protection in engineering construction. On the premise of maintaining the basic requirements of quality and safety, through scientific management resources to and the technological maximum progress, extent and it can reduce save the construction activities that have negative impact on the environment, so as to realize energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection. 2.0.4 Temporory facilities Buildings and structures temporarily built, leased and used during construction.2.0.5 The site personnel of the construction personnel is the managerial personnel and operators engaged in the construction activities at the construction site, including the construction, construction, supervision and other participants.2.0.6 Construction trash is the waste, waste and other waste generated in the construction of new, expanded and rebuilt buildings and municipal infrastructure projects. 3Basic provisions 3.0.1 The general contractor of a construction project shall take overall responsibility for the environment and hygiene of the construction site, and the subcontractor shall submit to the management participating units of and the general personnel contractor.The shall have the responsibility and obligation to maintain the environment and hygiene of the construction site. 3.0.2 The environmental and hygienic management of construction projects should be incorporated into the design of construction organization or formulation of special plans, and the objectives and measures of environmental and hygienic management should be clearly defined. 3.0.3 The construction site should establish environmental and health system, implement management responsibility system, and check and record regularly. 3.0.4 The participating construction units should establish emergency management system, formulate corresponding emergency plans and organize drills for possible environmental and health emergencies in accordance with the provisions of the law. 3.0.5 When unexpected environmental and health incidents occur on the construction site, relevant regulations should be timely department reported to and the relevant construction departments administrative where the construction site is located, and should cooperate with the investigation and disposal. 3.0.6 The education, training and assessment of construction personnel should include environmental and health related contents. 3.0.7 The setting of temporary facilities and roads on construction site should be scientific and reasonable, and should comply with the relevant provisions of safety, fire protection, energy protection.Construction saving area, and material environmental processing and storage area should be clearly divided into office area and living area, and corresponding isolation measures should be taken. 3.0.8 Closed management and rigid enclosure should be adopted in construction site.The enclosure height of the main sections of urban construction site should not be less than 2.5 m, and the enclosure height of general sections

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