Enterprise slogan to motivate employees to forge ahead Guidance:This article is about the enterprise slogan of encouraging employees to make progress. If you think it's very good, you are welcome to comment and share! 1. The motive force of spirit comes from sports.2. Quality you and I do well, customer retention will not run.3. Make a bold effort to achieve good results.4. Look at others with a telescope and at yourself with a magnifying glass.5. Professional quality has long been outstanding, and efforts to show the brilliance of the times.6. Work together and share wealth.7. Keep improving and win-win cooperation.8. Destiny is all fighting, and struggle is hope.9. Showing the ability to call, but not the potential to call.10. Work needs ** just as cell phones need electricity.11. Seize opportunities and create miracles to satisfy everyone.12. Respect for work and love industry, and work hand in hand.13. Professional achievement quality, honesty to create brand.14. Love what you do, and cherish the excellent team.15. Tell yourself once a day. I'm really good.16. Three people are in the crowd, ** Gold is broken.17. Create a better life and seize the opportunity.18. Pursue excellence and create harmony.19. People who avoid reality will have a worse future.20. People are diligent and their career is energetic; goods are precious and their strength is what they strive for.21. If you are sincere and touching, you should be sincere.22. Work is not all you have, but all the wonders of your life come from work.23. Work hard and work together.24. Achieve a brilliant team and help me grow up in life.25. Work together to create brilliance.26. Ways to succeed and excuses to fail.27. Optimize the allocation of human resources and mobilize the internal drive of employees.28. Positive thinking leads to positive life, while negative thinking leads to negative life.29. The lamp of life is ignited by passion, and the boat of life moves forward by struggle.30. It is not circumstances that make people, but manmade circumstances.31. Effort is the sunshine, unity is the trumpet, you and I hope.32. We are not afraid of being blocked by thousands of people, but of surrendering ourselves.33. Let civilization take root in life and harmony extend in enterprises.34. Your efforts will determine not only the company's tomorrow, but also your tomorrow.35. Make up your mind to overcome all difficulties and create victory without fear of hardships and dangers.36. Unity is like home, and enterprising.37. Innovation is the advantage, innovation is the potential and innovation is the hope.38. Improvement and improvement will never end.39. Make concerted efforts to create, win-win, share and enjoy a happy life.40. Care for people-oriented, diligent and self-improvement.41. Sincerity and unity, harmony and far-reaching.42. Start with sincerity and hand in hand with a smile.43. Strengthen professional quality and promote enterprise humanities.44. Deeply cultivate yourself and challenge the limits.45. Only by your conscious contribution can the company be brilliant.46. Foundry quality, connect you and me.47. People are great because of their dreams and reach their goals as soon as possible.48. The world is infinite and ** is a myth.49. Do what you say is better than what you do. Do what you do best.50. Work hard and help each other.51. Encourage each other and innovate professionally.52. Let's do better, more united and faster.Come on.53. Only if we are brave enough to take responsibility, can we take greater responsibility.54. Don't think about making the sea. It must start with small rivers.55. There are no lazy people in the world, only those who have no goals.56. Excellent innovation, excellent service and excellent team.57. The establishment of a great career in life is not in the knowledge, but in the ability.58. Professional dedication, great achievements and caring to tide over difficulties.59. Challenges are opportunities and breakthroughs are growth.60. Leave regret in yesterday, sweat in today and hope in tomorrow.61. Pursue excellence and share success.62. When a man begins to struggle from his heart, he is a valuable person.63. Create the company's brilliance with your hands, and create your high-quality life.64. Go out on a good road, say good words at the exit and do good deeds.65. As long as the road is right, we are not afraid of the distance.66.

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