Enterprise Fire Safety Management 1. Fire safety propaganda, education and training: Enterprises should conduct at least once a year for employees (including those who are newly employed and entering new positions) including relevant fire regulations, fire safety systems and operational rules to ensure fire safety, fire hazards and fire prevention measures performance of for this position, relevant fire fighting facilities, use methods of fire extinguishing equipment, fire alarm reporting, early fire fighting and so on.The knowledge and skills of self-rescue and self-rescue are trained to ensure that employees have the corresponding fire knowledge and self-rescue ability.Common knowledge of fire prevention, fire fighting, evacuation and escape is often disseminated to employees by means of posted pictures, broadcasting, closed-circuit television, etc. 2. Fire extinguishing evacuation should and emergency Enterprises plans and drills: formulate fire extinguishing and emergency evacuation plans in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, which include organizational structures (fire extinguishing action group, communication liaison group, evacuation guidance group, safety protection and rescue group), alarm and alarm handling procedures, organizational procedures and measures for emergency evacuation, and procedures and measures for implement procedures communication, fighting safety, initial and fires.To measures protection for and rescue, and to organize drills at least once every six months to continuously improve the ability of employees to timely alarm, extinguish initial fires and save their lives. 3. Fire files and rewards and punishments: Enterprises should establish and improve fire files in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and the Regulations on Fire Safety Management of Organs, Groups, Enterprises and Institutions. The contents of fire files should include the basic situation of fire safety and fire safety management. Fire safety work should also be included in the contents of internal inspection, assessment and evaluation to ensure fire safety.Departments (teams) and individuals with outstanding achievements in their work shall be commended and rewarded. Those who fail to perform fire safety duties or violate the fire safety system of the unit shall be given administrative disciplinary sanctions or other treatment to the responsible personnel in accordance with the relevant provisions of the enterprise. 4. Fire safety management of flammable and explosive products production, storage and transportation units: Flammable and explosive products production, storage and transportation units must implement strict fire safety management when using open fire and conducting spark distribution operations, and prohibit the use of open fire in places with fire and explosion dangers.Where open fire operation is required for construction or maintenance, the fire department and personnel shall go through the examination and approval formalities in accordance with the fire management system and implement the on-site guardian. Fire operation may be started only after the fire and explosion hazards have been confirmed.Fire operators shall abide by fire safety regulations and implement corresponding measures.Flammable and fire safety explosive dangerous goods and places should have specific fire and explosion-proof measures. Personnel of special types of work such as electric welding, gas welding and electrician must be on duty with certificates.

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