Enterprise Document Management System This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best!   (1) general provisions Article 1 In order to reduce the number of papers issued, improve the speed and quality of writing, and give full play to the guiding role of documents in various tasks, this system is specially formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Central Committee on the handling of documents and in light of the actual situation of our factory. Article 2 Document includes management letters, communications correspondences mainly telegrams from from the and superiors, same level, telegrams and communications, and various documents and materials issued by our factory. reported and Article 3 In accordance with the principle of division of labour between the Party and the government, all kinds of documents of the whole factory are managed by the Party Committee Office and the Factory Department respectively (hereinafter referred to as "two offices").   (2) Management of receipts Article 4 Signing and Receiving Official Documents     1.All public opening documents (except those ordered by the factory leaders) are registered and signed by the factory receivers and receivers (except those sent by the superior or the post and telecommunication bureau computer to the main office of the direct correspondent machine) and then sent to the two machine secretaries for unsealing.When receiving and disassembling receivers, receivers and key signing, seals, the secretaries should pay attention to checking the seals and postmarks.The reasons for opening and stamp tearing should be ascertained, and the opening of secret and the tearing of stamps for foreign letters should be refused to sign.     2.Documents sent by superior computer departments should be checked and verified by four pairs of envelopes, documents, numbers and machine numbers. If one of them is not corresponding, the superior computer departments should be reported immediately and the number of error documents should be registered. Article 5 Number custody of official documents   1.The secretaries of the two offices should attach the handout leaflet of documents to the superior's submissions in time after unpacking them, and classify the registration numbers and keep them.The documents must be personally opened by the factory leaders who are contracted or filed by the factory. After the factory leaders have opened their seals, they should also submit them to the two offices to handle the normal formalities separately.    2.Documents and materials brought back by our factory's outgoing personnel at meetings should be sent to the two secretaries for registration and numbering in time, and should not be kept by individuals. Article 6 Examination, Approval and Transfer of Official Documents    1.All official documents shall be read and signed by the directors (or deputy directors) of the two offices according to the content and nature of the documents, and then sent by the confidential undertaking secretaries department for to the examination. Important documents shall be submitted to the factory leaders (or the responsible leaders) for examination and approval in person and then distributed to the undertaking department for examination and approval.In order to avoid document backlog and errors, it is generally necessary to read and sign the emergency documents on the same day.     2.General letters, telegrams, documents, etc. are handled directly by two secretaries.If several documents are involved, they should be contacted with the sponsor before being transferred.     3.In order to speed up the operation of documents, confidential secretaries should send documents to the factory leadership and management departments on the same day or the next day. If two or more business departments are involved, documents should be circulated in order of instructions, not more than two days at the latest (exceptions in special cases). Article 7 Circulation and Promotion of Documents.     1.Documents to be circulated should strictly abide by the scope of circulation and confidentiality provisions, a

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