Working principle After the air is heated and purified, it is introduced from the lower part by the induced draft fan and passes through the orifice mesh plate of the hopper.In the working room, fluidization is formed by stirring and negative pressure. After rapid evaporation of water, the material is quickly dried with exhaust gas. Performance characteristics Fluidized bed is circular structure to avoid dead angle. The hopper is equipped with stirring to avoid agglomeration of wet materials and formation of ditch flow during drying. Dumping granule is adopted, which is convenient, rapid and thorough, and the automatic feeding and discharging system can be designed according to the requirements. Sealing negative pressure operation, air flow through filtration.It is easy to operate and clean. The drying speed is fast and the temperature is even. The drying time of each batch is usually 20-30 minutes. Main Configuration (Technical) Characteristics of Equipment of Special Boiling Dryer for Wine Koji The main engine of the air dehumidifier chiller adopts the international advanced semi-closed screw compressor. The motor and compressor are integrated. There is no leakage of the shaft seal. The compressor uses highperformance induction motor to start smoothly.Compressor standard is equipped with regulation configuration, low capacity regulation and unloading start, can effectively reduce the impact on the power grid.Excellent performance, safe and stable operation, low operation and maintenance costs. Material temperature and steam flow are controlled by interlocking proportional control valve, which can accurately regulate steam flow and ensure the active ingredients of materials. The company adopts isobaric hot air distributor and leak-proof punch plate, which distributes hot air evenly and has no dead angle.Fluidization effect is good, no gully flow, emergence phenomenon occurs, and the drying is uniform. Revitalize the company's special way of entering and discharging materials.The feeding seal has the effect of dispersing and crushing materials, and the discharging is fast, convenient and thorough.XF fluidized bed dryer mainframe adopts smooth arc transition at all corners or welds, and mirror polishing. The equipment is equipped with in-situ cleaning and disinfection device, which is convenient to clean and disinfect without dead angle and meets the requirements of GMP standard. The tail gas powder is recovered and returned to the boiling drying machine. The tail gas is discharged centrally and completely up to the standard. The air purified by the filter is refrigerated and dehumidified, then reheated into the drying system to adapt to the rainy season with high air humidity.Under the premise of low temperature drying, ensure the drying effect. On the premise of low temperature drying, according to the different temperature and time intervals of the dried material, the air inlet temperature is controlled to improve the drying efficiency of the equipment and shorten the drying time to the greatest extent. The main engine adopts effective thermal insulation measures, and the system operates under micro-negative pressure without any dust leakage.The pressure differential instrument is used for synchronous monitoring of bag dedusting, and the stability of the system is not affected by the condensation of exhaust gas. The electric control system is composed of field sensors, cabinets, instruments, PLC, touch screen, control elements, wires, cables and so on.The drying unit adopts PLC program control loop and touch screen animation display process, which is operable. Variable operating parameters (including air volume, air pressure, air temperature, etc.) can be automatically tracked and adjusted by fuzzy technology to meet the multi-purpose drying requirements for different materials.

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