Second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year High School Physics Personal Business Learning Program 2019February 2013   In order to further promote the implementation of curriculum reform, comprehensively implement qualityoriented education, improve the teaching effect of the classroom, earnestly improve their professional theoretical level, in order to adapt to the development of market economy, I will take learning as the theme, recharge from time to time, find some books suitable for teachers to read every day, in order to increase their reading area, enrich their knowledge reserves, and enhance their own culture.Improving quality is the new goal of development. I. Situation Analysis Firstly, as a physics teacher, we should firmly grasp the quality, deepen the educational reform and innovation, implement the curriculum plan in an all-round way, truly improve the teaching mode, gradually improve the learning mode, strive to improve the quality of teachers, focus on training students'ability, gradually form the educational and teaching characteristics of Huirun education and Huirun classroom, and comprehensively promote school work to a new level. 2. Learning content: 1The curriculum standards of physics and the Outline of Basic Education Curriculum Reform. 2Learn professional knowledge of this subject. 3Articles in various educational and teaching journals. Three specific measures 1Understanding the system of teachers'individual learning. 2Teachers with higher level of teaching should attend public classes to improve their professional level through collective lesson preparation and exchange of learning.Careful study, chat, discuss and study with key teachers.At the same time, combining self-study with selfpractice, integrating theory with practice, carrying out trial teaching and exploring teaching methods. 3We should conscientiously study the reform and requirements of the new curriculum standards, constantly improve our abilities and reach the standards required by the new curriculum as soon as possible. 4We should make bold attempts and innovations to make new breakthroughs in education and teaching.Make good use of your time in class and show some new teaching methods in your class. 5Strengthen learning, learn learning, articles insist about on weekly optimizing business curriculum structure and information report about entering the curriculum.Make good use of the developed network technology, learn and make good use of the superior resources on the network. 6Strengthen the improvement of their own quality, read educational theory books, write reading notes, and complete their own education and teaching papers.Make good use of the teaching experience of these years, write some articles, and communicate with colleagues. In short, through individual self-study to ensure teachers'self-study efficiency, in the process of selfstudy, in view of the actual work, we should adhere to the principle of self-study, change ideas; process-oriented, improve ability; practice-oriented, carry out innovation; find out the practices that do not conform to the educational theory and laws in the process of education and teaching, guide our teaching practice with the theory of education and teaching, and enhance ourselves.Perfect consciousness, clear direction of self-advancement.Efforts should be made to build an open and dynamic chemistry curriculum.We should broaden the field of students'study and application, pay attention to interdisciplinary study and the application of modern scientific and technological means, so that students can cross, penetrate and integrate different contents and methods, broaden their horizons and improve their learning efficiency.

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