Business management system I. Purpose:Define the travel process, determine the subsidy standards for travel, effectively control the cost of travel, and standardize the management of travel. Scope of application:This system is applicable to all employees of Limited Company. 3. Business trip approval process 1Company personnel must fill in the "Business Application Form" to clarify the travel time, place and work content. Departmental managers confirm that the departmental personnel travel, signed by the head of the department, can be approved by the deputy in charge; Departmental leaders travel, need to be confirmed by the deputy in charge, approved by the general manager; deputy general manager signature and approval by the general manager. 2If a traveler needs to advance his travel expenses, he must fill in the loan form with the "Application Form for Travel" after examination and approval, and then he can borrow it after examination and approval.If the loan is less than 1,000 yuan, it shall be signed by the deputy in charge. If the loan is more than 1,000 yuan, it shall be signed by the general manager. If the general manager is absent, it may be signed by the deputy in charge. 3Before a business trip, the approved "Application Form for Business Travel" must be submitted to the Ministry of Administration for the record. In the course of a business trip, the location and time of a business trip should be adjusted according to the needs of the work. The consent of the Department Manager and the deputy manager in charge should be obtained in advance and submitted to the Ministry of Administration for the record in time. Otherwise, part of the travel expenses in the new place of business trip shall not be reimbursed and the time exceeded shall be handled according to the absenteeism. 4Departments should reasonably arrange staff travel schedule and travel time according to work needs, and effectively monitor and control them. IV. Standards for reimbursement of travel expenses (see attached table) 1,Traffic expense (1) reimbursement in accordance with bills.Business travelers mainly take ordinary cars, boats, train seats and hard sleepers. If they spend more than 8 hours on the train, they can take the first-class standard.Flight or train sleeping is strictly controlled. If necessary, it should be reported to the General Manager for approval (telephone contact is required to obtain permission in the field, and the procedures should be completed after return). Otherwise, the excess expenses will be borne by ourselves. (2) Urban bus fare: reimbursement according to the standard of travel subsidy. 2,Hotel expense (1) The reimbursement of accommodation fee is limited to two days or more (referring to the need to arrange accommodation) and requires return on the same day in principle; the accommodation fee is calculated on the average of actual accommodation days, which exceeds part of selfsufficiency. (2) Long-term business trip: if the number of days of business trip in the same place (or adjacent areas) exceeds 7 days, the standard of accommodation will drop by 20%. (3) The accommodation standard for same-sex employees has dropped by 15% (the accommodation standard for opposite-sex employees remains unchanged). 3Communication fee: In order to facilitate official contacts, employees who enjoy communication fee should not turn off their mobile phones without authorization, otherwise they will not enjoy the same day's communication fee. 4Special circumstances reimbursement standard (1) Those who attend meetings (or study) abroad will no longer reimburse the accommodation fee or meal fee if the meal fee and accommodation fee during the meeting have been unified expenditure by the host unit, or if the meeting fee already includes the meal fee and accommodation fee. (2) Travellers who have paid their accommodation, meals and travel expenses by customers and relevant business units of the company shall not be allowed to reimburse the company for any reason. Once the violation has been verified, they shall be fined 1-2 times as much as appropriate. (3) Accompanied leaders (especially the general manager and chairman of the company) shall be reimbursed for business trips, guest reception, attendance of meetings or activities on behalf of their leaders according to the bill, but they shall be explained on the reimbursement slip or accompanied by the notice of the meeting. (4) Travel time exceeding 6 hours, less than 24 hours

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