Wudi Wancheng Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Special Construction Scheme for Emergency Response to Heavily Polluted Weather In order to further strengthen dust control, do a good job in emergency response and disposal of dust control of heavy pollution weather construction project, and further improve the quality of atmospheric environment, we have formulated the Emergency Plan for Heavy Pollution Weather of Wudi Wancheng Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Emergency Plan). I. Purpose of compilation In order to improve the coping ability of heavily polluted weather, alleviate the degree of heavily polluted weather, protect public health, promote emergency management, reduce emissions, and improve environmental quality, strict management measures during emergency period are gradually upgraded to the code of conduct that must be observed. II. Basis for compilation This plan is formulated in accordance with the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Air Pollution Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations of Shandong Province. III. Scope of application It is suitable for the emergency treatment of dust raising in Wudi Wancheng Building Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in severe polluted weather. IV. Working Principles 1Unified leadership and responsibility at different levels.Under the unified leadership of the leading group, clear responsibilities and emergency procedures, determine the corresponding responsibilities of various project departments and construction teams, and effectively respond to and deal with emergencies. 2Coordination and coordination, rapid response.To coordinate and arrange emergency tasks of various departments, strengthen coordination and cooperation among them, and cooperate closely to ensure timely reporting, accurate transmission and rapid disposal of information.3. Long-term management and implementation of responsibilities.As a key point of air pollution prevention and control, dust emission from construction projects implements the principle of long-term management which combines strengthening supervision with standardized operation of enterprises.According to the early warning level of heavy polluted weather, the different levels of situation report, Plan Start-up and emergency response procedures are determined, and the emergency responsibility mechanism of dust control in construction projects is implemented. 4People-oriented and effective control.To ensure the atmospheric environment of our county and to continuously improve the air quality of the county as the primary task, give full play to the construction project dust emergency command organization and coordination role, and give full play to the coordination role of various units. V. Organizational Command System and Duties The project department has established an emergency headquarters for heavy polluted weather, which is responsible for the unified command of the special rectification work to ensure the smooth implementation of the heavy polluted weather rectification work. Group Leader: General Manager Feng Qinghua Deputy Team Leader: Director of General Management Department of Zhang Shujun Member: Director of Yue Changfu Laboratory Zhang Xuerui Production Manager Captain Bi Guimin The Office of the leading group is located in the integrated management department, and Zhang Shujun is also the director of the office. He is responsible for the comprehensive dispatch and overall coordination of the renovation work.Contact number: 8183456 Main responsibilities: 1To be responsible for formulating, perfecting and implementing emergency plans for dust control. 2To coordinate the emergency disposal work of dust control of Wudi Wancheng Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. and to implement and complete the related work assigned by the company. 3To be responsible for receiving, transmitting, processing and informing the information of dust control; to keep abreast of the situation of dust control measures in place, and to report the emergency disposal to relevant departments. 4Work out the implementation plan of dust control in construction projects, vigorously implement standardized management of construction site, comprehensively improve the level of green construction management, and effectively form a long-term mechanism for dust control. The specific division of labor is as follows: the production dep

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