Changyuan Huasheng (Taixing) Lithium Electric Material Co., Ltd. Emergency Equipment Management and Maintenance System Chapter I General Provisions Article 1 In order to ensure the perfect and correct use of emergency equipment, prevent the improper maintenance of emergency equipment from not guaranteeing the emergency use and causing harm to the health of employees, and carry out emergency rescue timely and effectively, this system is formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company and in light of the company's actual situation. Article 2 The emergency equipment reported in these Provisions refers to emergency cabinets, air respirators, filtered gas breathable masks, chemical chemical protective protective clothing, clothing, special emergency tools, fire fighting equipment, etc. Article 3 The company strengthens the training of employees and full-time and part-time emergency rescue workers on the use, inspection and maintenance of emergency rescue equipment, so that everyone can use, maintain and maintain it, understand its performance, understand its principles and understand its basic structure. Article 4 All staff and workers, full-time and part-time emergency rescue personnel shall strengthen the inspection, maintenance and maintenance of emergency equipment in accordance with the regulations, so as to ensure that emergency equipment is always in good condition. Chapter II Inspection and Maintenance Management Article 5 Management Requirements: 1. No department or individual is allowed to use, try out and play fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting facilities and emergency equipment under non-fire or accident conditions.If special circumstances (non-accident) really need to be used, they must be licensed by the Ministry of Safety and Ring.The drugs in the emergency cabinet must be replaced regularly within the validity period. 2. It is strictly forbidden to occupy fire-fighting corridors and block safety exits; it is strictly forbidden to enclose fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting facilities such as hydrants and fire extinguishers, so as to ensure that the exit of fire-fighting corridors is unblocked and that fire-fighting equipment is available at any time. 3. It is strictly forbidden to misappropriate, dismantle or discontinue fire fighting facilities and equipment without authorization. The acts of destroying fire fighting facilities and equipment should be dealt with seriously. Those that cause serious consequences should be handed over to the public security department for treatment. All employees should be called upon to report the acts of destroying emergency equipment. 4. The Ministry of Safety and Ring shall regularly inspect the use of emergency equipment. According to the performance and requirements of emergency equipment, it shall inspect once a month or every year, and timely replace or repair emergency equipment that fails to meet the standards. Article 6 Maintenance and Management 1. Daily inspection 1) The daily inspection of equipment or facilities and protective equipment shall be carried out at the post where the workshop director is the principal person in charge.Check the function of emergency equipment or equipment, especially the gas leakage alarm.If any abnormality is found, it should be recorded in the registration form and handled promptly. 2) Electricians regularly conduct 1-2 charge- discharge tests on standby power supply and 1-3 automatic conversion tests on main power supply and standby power supply to check whether their functions are normal.See if the switch is automatic, and then check whether the standby power is charging properly. 3) Instrument level should inspect fire fighting communication equipment every week. All telephone tests should be carried out between control room and set-up. Telephone Jack calls should be tested. The calls should be smooth and the voice should be clear. 4) The Ann Ring Department inspects spare parts and special tools monthly to ensure that they are in a safe, non-destructive and properly protected state. 2. Annual Inspection Test of Alarm Instrument The function of the alarm system should be tested comprehensively every year and the annual inspection registration form should be filled in. 3. Regular Inspection of Hydrant System Fire hydrant boxes should always be kept clean and dry to prevent rust, bruising and other damage.Overall inspection and m

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