The Design of the Theme Class Meeting of "Embrace Family Feelings - Thanksgiving Parents" (the latest compilation of the second volume of fourth grade Chinese) Design of the Theme Class Meeting of "Embracing Family FeelingsThanksgiving Parents" [Class meeting background] Today's students are mostly only children, growing up in the care of their parents, but seldom from the perspective of their parents to understand the hardships and difficulties of their parents, think that their parents'hard work is taken for granted, and even often complain about their parents' nagging, trouble.Therefore, I decided to hold this theme class to arouse the children's inner feelings of gratitude to their parents. [Purpose of activity] 1.Let students deeply understand the love of their parents and feel the selflessness and greatness of their family. 2.Let the students understand, care for and respect their parents, and repay them with practical actions. 3. Cultivate collective sense of honor, enhance class cohesion, with their own practical actions, learn to be grateful. [Activity preparation] Parents'hard-working pictures, students make a greeting card for their parents, songs "Parents' Heart under the World", "Mother", "Father", "Only Mother Is Good in the World", "Gratitude Heart". [Participants]: All students, head teachers and some parents [Activity process]: Creating an Atmosphere Before Class-Playing the Song "Mother" A: Who gave us life and who brought us up to date? B: Who prepares delicious meals for us every day and cleans our piles of clothes? A: Who cares about us? B: Who has been with us, silently supporting and encouraging? Group Answer: Parents A: Yes, without parents, where can we live? B: How can we grow happily without parents? A: Yes, my father loves me like a mountain. He is silent. B: Mother's love is like the sea. She is gentle and delicate. Unit: Class 3 (2) Thanksgiving Parents Theme Class will begin now. A: First of all, let's welcome leaders, teachers and parents to this theme class meeting with warm applause. The first step is to review the family relationship A: There is a poem like this. You may remember, "Mother's middle line, swimmer's coat.In the face of the tight seams, I am afraid of returning late.Who says the grass heart, the three spring sunshine of the newspaper."(Students follow to create an atmosphere) B: It's a mother's hymn.Indeed, we should be most grateful to our parents who have always paid for us silently, loved us and loved us. Slide show: how much do you know about family praise A: At all times and in all countries, how many songs praise parents, how many stories deduce parents'love, and how many poems and quotations eulogize their love.Students are invited to show their great parents'love in different ways and express their gratitude to their parents.(or singing, or telling stories, or reciting poetry.) (The Background Music Father) Thank you, my father and mother Man 1: It's you who gave me life, nurtured me to grow up day by day, and let me taste the joy of life! Man 2: It's you who taught me how to walk, guided me away from home step by step, and let me appreciate the prosperity of the world! Woman 1: It's you. Cover me up one night after another! Woman 2: It's you, one evening after another, looking forward to my coming home! Man 1: When I go out to play, you feel restless and can't let go of your worrying heart. Man 2: I'm sick in bed. You don't want to eat or tea. Tears of heartache hang quietly on your cheeks. Woman 1: How many times have you rushed the rain gear to school for fear that I might be caught in the rain? Woman 2: How many times, you're afraid that I forget to take medicine. I put on my clothes in the middle of the night and let me take it. Man 1: How many times have you been sad or happy about my academic achievements? Woman 1: How many more times have you added gray hair to my headstrong, anxious and anxious mind? Man: Mom, for me, you have tasted too much bitterness of life, and your face is no longer beautiful as a flower. Husband: Dad, for me, you have taken on too much pressure of life, and your back is no longer straight! But, Mom and Dad!Do you know?Your child will say to you: Man 1: Mom, don't worry. In my eyes, you are always the most beautiful. Man 2: I will use my increasingly powerful arm to support a blue sky for you! Woman 1: D

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