Technical enterprise Changzhou Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. strength manufacturing: ammonium sulfate dryer, ammonium sulfate dryer, ammonium sulfate dryer, ammonium sulfate dryer, vibration fluidized bed dryer.Advanced technology, precise structure, beautiful appearance and excellent performance all reach the domestic advanced level, quality assurance. The company has stock and prototype, which can provide incoming material test. Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Welcome to contact ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer (ammonium sulfate dryer, ammonium sulfate dryer, ammonium sulfate dryer, ammonium sulfate dryer).) Contact person: Manager Gu's telephone number: 13616112988. Welcome to call our sales hotline 13616112988. We specialize in serving you 24 hours.Non standard design customized flash, belt, spray, disc, fluidized bed, paddle, rotary kiln, calcining, air flow, boiling, vacuum, oven and other mixing granulating equipment, good reputation, superior quality, perfect service!The company promises that if the equipment is debugged by the manufacturer, it will still not work properly. The company will refund the full amount of money and return the goods to ensure that customers purchase zero risk.1 detail 3 detail 6 consultation 1 consultation 6 links 1 Department 1 Party 2 style 9 Gu 8 first born! Battery Raw Materials Special Rapid Dryer, Battery Raw Materials Dryer, Battery Material Flash Dryer Overview: XSG series rotary flash dryer is a new type of drying equipment developed by our factory on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology.The machine has advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, wide application range, large production capacity, good product quality, high efficiency and energy saving. It can be dried, crushed and screened in one equipment at a time, eliminating environmental pollution, and the performance of the machine has reached the international advanced technology level. Battery raw material special fast dryer, battery raw material dryer, battery material flash dryer structure overview: Specific description of internal structure of battery material flash dryer   The clean air heated by the heat exchanger is blown into the air inlet, rotated into the annular gap at the bottom of the drying chamber at an appropriate speed, then entered the drying chamber in the tangent direction, and spirally rises. Meanwhile, the material is quantitatively added into the tower by the stepless speed regulator.In the drying tower, the material and hot air are fully and efficiently converted, and the dried powder material is conveyed to the separator with hot air. The finished product is collected and packed, while the tail gas is further emptied after the dust removal device. A spiral case air distributor and agitator are installed at the bottom of the drying tower. The speed of the agitator can be steplessly adjusted by adjusting the speed of the external motor.The agitator has two functions: it can drive the hot air from the distribution chamber into the drying chamber to produce high-speed rotating airflow, thus forming a stable fluidized bed layer, avoiding unstable fluidization such as spouting and surging caused by local sticking; secondly, because of the high-speed rotation of several groups of blades on the agitator, large pieces of material are continuously crushed, so that the wet particles outside are constantly wrapped and peeled.Separation and rubbing, surface renewal, increase the heat transfer area, thereby strengthening the quality and heat exchange, improve the drying rate.In addition, the clearance between the blade on the agitator and the wall of the drying tower is very small, so that the material adhering to the wall can be removed in time to prevent the material from staying and denaturing for a long time.In order to ensure the invariant decomposition of materials, cooling jackets are installed in the wall of the tower, which can ensure the quality of thermal sensitive materials.The spiral case air distributor makes the tangential hot air uniformly rise through the bottom annulus, and the reasonable annulus wind speed ensures the good fluidized drying of materials. In the middle of the drying tower, the stepless speed regulating quantitative feeder continuously adds materials.At the same time, the material is crushed by the bottom agitator and then blown by the high-speed rotating hot air, forming a relatively stable fluidized layer i

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