Eighteen Medical Core System Examination Questions Name: Department: Score: 1. Selective questions (2 points for each sub-question, 20 questions, 40 points in total). 1After the first doctor receives the patient, if he just has to leave work, what can he do to the patient?() A. Let patients go to other hospitals for treatment.B. Transfer to the successor physician.C. Continue treatment after work. 2The following is the correct understanding of the responsibility system for the first consultation: (1) A. Who is responsible for the first visit; the first doctor should carefully inquire about the medical history, carry out physical examination, make a serious diagnosis and treatment, and make a good record of the medical record. B. The first doctor found that the patient's illness does not belong to his specialty. He may recommend transferring it to the relevant departments without making medical records. C. For newly admitted patients, they must be treated within 1 hour; for critically ill, urgent and serious patients, they must be immediately received and reported to their superior doctors. 33 days after admission, the patients were not diagnosed, and the treatment effect was not good. The patients with serious illness should:() A. Transfer to a higher hospital for diagnosis and treatment.B. Organizing consultation and discussion.C. To report to the leadership of the hospital for handling. 4At least weekly visits by physicians of senior professional and technical positions: (1) A, 1 B, 2 C, 3 D, 4 times 5What does not belong to the core system of medical care are: (1) A. First-visit Responsibility System B, Three-level Doctor Round System C, Hospital Infection Management System 6In emergency consultation, how long should the relevant departments be in place after receiving the consultation notification?() A, 10 minutes B, 15 minutes C, 20 minutes D, 30 minutes 7According to the grading management system of operations, the operations that residents can perform independently are () Class A, Class B, Class II, Class III, Class IV 8The record of operation should be completed within () post-operation period. A, 6 hours B, 12 hours C, 24 hours D, 3 days 9Dead cases should generally be discussed in () and special cases (medical disputes) should be discussed in ().() A, 1 day, 6 hours B, 3 days, 12 hours C, 1 week, 1 day D, 5 days, 1 day 10Before administering drugs, pay attention to inquiring about allergic history; check repeatedly when using dramatic, poisonous, hemp and limited drugs; pay attention to deterioration, loosening and cracking at the mouth of bottle when administering intravenous drugs; and pay attention to () when giving various drugs. A drug dose B drug concentration C compatibility taboo 11If the record is not timely recorded in the rescue of critically ill patients, the medical personnel concerned shall make up the record according to the facts within a few hours after the end of the rescue and explain it.() A 2 hours B 6 hours C 4 hours 12The ward on duty should have one, two and three line on duty () on duty as the chief physician or deputy chief physician.Medical work should be carried out under the guidance of doctors in our hospital when refresher doctors are on duty. Line A, Line B, Line 2, Line C, Line 3 13Medical and administrative (affairs) departments organize experts of academic committees to conduct demonstrations and put forward opinions, which can be implemented only after being submitted to () for approval. Head A, Head B, Head of Finance Section C, Departments of Related Departments 14For newly admitted patients, () hours should be recorded by the physician with the title of attending physician or above. A 24 B 48 C 72 15Ordinary patients should have 2 rounds (rounds) per week and be noted. A resident B attending physician C chief physician (or deputy chief physician) 16The course of critical patients should be recorded at least once a day. When the condition changes, it should be recorded at any time. The record time should be specific to minute. The course of patients with stable condition should be recorded at least once a day. A2B3C4 17(2) Doctors on duty must stay in the duty room at night. They are not allowed to leave their posts without authorization. They should go to the doctor's office immediately when they encounter situations that need to be dealt with.If emergency rescue, consultation, etc. need to leave the ward, must explain to the nurse on duty the direction a

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