Safety Education Program for Grade Six I. Teaching objectives 1Learn about earthquake knowledge and what self-rescue measures we should take when an earthquake occurs.Improve students'self-help consciousness. 2Through the study of this lesson, students can fully understand the various ways of escape and self-rescue in the fire. 3Improve safety awareness and learn about drowning safety. 4Learn other security knowledge: network security, life knowledge, etc. Section A Content of courses: Seismic knowledge Earthquakes can be divided into four types according to their vibration intensity: (1) Microseisms.Such earthquakes are earthquakes with magnitude less than 2, which can not be felt by human beings, and can only be measured by precise instruments.(2) Sensitive earthquakes.Such earthquakes range from magnitude 2 to magnitude 4 and can be felt, but generally there is no danger.(3) Destructive earthquakes.This is an earthquake of magnitude 5 or more.Such earthquakes can cause different degrees of damage.(4) Strong earthquakes.Earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 or above are all strong earthquakes, which are very destructive. (2) Introduction of common escape methods in earthquakes. Fire knowledge: (1) Introducing fire incidents, using slides to show pictures of various fire scenes.Teachers concluded: "Life is so beautiful, and so fragile, cherish life and raise fire awareness" (2) Show slides to learn self-help knowledge.Summary of several escape methods: 1. Closing the door for survival 2. Testing the temperature of the door 3. Escaping from the window 4High-rise building fire escape 5, public place fire escape 6, safety exit escape (3) Teachers introduce fire alarm instructions: Keep in mind that the fire alarm telephone "119" can be broadcasted by any telephone at the time of the accident.The fire situation should be reported in detail: there was a fire at * unit and * District * Street * number. The * substance was burning and the fire was very strong. Please come to put out the fire quickly. My telephone number is * x * x * x * x *.People will be sent to meet the fire engine at the main intersection.In particular, students are advised not to make random calls to special phones. Knowledge of drowning prevention (1) To educate students on weekends, holidays, winter and summer holidays, it is strictly forbidden to swim in rivers, seas, water gates at Qingshantou, ponds and open wells.You can't go fishing, swimming or playing with water alone or in groups by the sea or pond. (2) Educate students not to play in the water or swim in the river on their way to and from school. (3) We are primary school students, many students can not swim. If we find that some students fall into rivers, reservoirs, ponds, wells and so on by accident, minors can not rush into the water to rescue, we should call adult arrows to help or dial "110". What things in life can cause your throat to get stuck? With food in their mouths, they fight with each other and run and jump.(2) Writing homework.Often will pen cap, pin and so on in the mouth.(3) When eating snacks, throw out the food and open your mouth to pick it up.(4) When eating, laugh while eating. Section B Safety in Physical Education In physical education class, we should pay special attention to safety, different training content, different equipment, the matters needing attention are also different. 1During the single, parallel bars and high jump training, the sponge cushion that meets the requirements must be prepared under the equipment. 2In jumping box, pommel horse and other crossing training, students must not jump if the teacher is absent or lack of protective measures before and after the equipment. 3In long jump, run-up and take-off should be strictly guided by the teacher.When taking off, take off the springboard and fall into the sand pit after taking off. 4Rules should also be followed in sprint training, because when a person sprints to the finish line, his body has great momentum. If he does not follow the rules and do his own thing, he may be injured. How to prevent food poisoning by inadvertent diet can easily lead to food poisoning.If the rotten food contains toxins, people will easily cause nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and other poisoning symptoms after eating, which will seriously endanger life.In addition, some foods are also very vulnerable to food poisoning, such as uncooked lentils, sprouted potatoes, fish with fish bile, green tomatoes and so on. We

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