Based on the double cone rotary vacuum drying unit, combined with the advantages of tank filter, washing and drying, the three-in-one dryer has been improved into a multi-functional unit with reverse filtration, washing and drying in the application of specific materials.Recently, a number of customers visited the project and had a strong interest in our company's three-in-one dryer.This equipment can be customized by our company according to the special requirements of users. Operational characteristics: Filtration stage: separation of product and mother liquor (vacuum suction).The thickness of filter cake can reach 200-500 mm. Washing stage: further purification of filter cake, cleaning and pre- dehydration of residual mother liquor.The filter cake and washing liquid are mixed by double cone rotation, and then slurry is formed. The suspension filter cake is fully washed. Drying stage: After the filter cake is dehydrated, the filter cake is loosened by rotation. At the same time, the inner wall of the jacket is heated by steam, and the filter cake is heated by heat conduction. The moisture evaporates rapidly to achieve the drying effect.The evaporation rate is accelerated by means of vacuum pumping in the equipment. Technical advantages: 1The integrated design simplifies the working procedure, reduces the wastage and improves the product yield. 2The tank body can be reversed. The speed can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1 to 10 RPM by frequency converter. The main rotation includes automatic brake device. 3Wash in place, take samples in place and sterilize by steam.Prevent product pollution, more suitable for "GMP" requirements. 4Operating in a closed state, the product is leak-free and pollution-free. It is suitable for materials with strong irritating odor and toxicity. 5It is especially suitable for the drying of heat-sensitive materials and oxidizable materials. It is also suitable for materials containing solvents and can recover solvents. 6The equipment has compact structure, small floor area and simple operation.

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