Engineering Name: Battery Material Drying and Organic Solvent Recovery Project Engineering overview: With the rapid development of new energy and new materials in the world, new battery materials in the field of batteries coated with a wide range have become a new field. In recent years, they will develop rapidly, and their production process needs revolutionary auxiliary equipment to complete. The special equipment for battery materials developed by us has emerged as the times require. In view of the related characteristics of battery (electromagnetic) materials (lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, etc.), our company has developed two series of drying equipment of SZG double cone rotary dynamic vacuum drying unit and FZG square vacuum static drying unit, as well as efficient recovery device for volume recovery. After practical application by many customers, abundant usage data prove that the equipment can fully meet the requirements of this production.The drying requirements of the product are stable in quality, excellent in solvent recall and high recovery efficiency. The system includes heating system, thermal medium circulation system, drying system, dust filtering system, solvent recovery system and vacuum system. Technical process (flow chart): Call for details. Working principle: Raw materials are pumped to the drying tank of the drying machine by conveying pump, and the heating medium is conveyed to the heating layer of the drying machine by pipeline pump. The raw materials are heated through the drying machine wall to obtain heat. Under the action of vacuum system, the water is gradually taken away to achieve the drying purpose. In the near drying stage of raw materials, special bags are designed to prevent some powder from being pumped out by vacuum pump.Filter collection; organic solvents contained in raw materials through special condenser secondary condensation, so that the overall recovery of more than 95%. Advantages: The drying process is carried out under negative pressure, so even if it contains organic solvent medium, the drying process is still very safe and fast, the drying time of each batch of products is about 4 hours; the drying process under vacuum condition is carried out, and the setting drying temperature is relatively low, the vacuum pump is always working continuously, so the product quality is stable; the system has designed a special bag filter.Flying without dust; large area cooling of secondary condensation device, high solvent recovery; heating device can be heated by hot water, steam and heat conducting oil; special bag filter is easy to disassemble and wash; the whole unit has fewer transmission components and does not work under strong load conditions, so the unit has a long service life. Non standard design custom, belt, spray, disc, fluidized bed, paddle, rotary kiln, calcining, airflow, boiling, vacuum, oven and other mixing granulating equipment, good reputation, quality, perfect!The company promises that if the equipment is debugged by the manufacturer, it will not work properly. The company will refund the full amount of money to ensure that customers buy zero.Detailed 3, detailed 6, consultation 1, consultation 6, link 1, party 1, mode 9, attend to 8 students first!Flash Superior Service Risk 1

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