Drug Return Management System In order to ensure the quality and standardized management of drugs and to ensure the interests of hospitals and patients, this system has been formulated. 1. Purchasers and custodians shall regularly check the status of pharmaceuticals in the warehouse and promptly return the goods if any of the following conditions occur: Return damaged and contaminated unsold medicines on arrival or sale Drugs with a validity of less than half a year Unmarketable drugs in stock Other medicines with quality problems 2. Return process 1If quality problems or other non-conforming problems are found during acceptance inspection, the purchaser should contact the supplier immediately to explain the condition of the goods and the supplier confirms the acceptance of the returned goods. 2Purchasers should contact suppliers regularly and agree on solutions to the problems of goods returned from warehouses or hospitals. 3The purchaser draws out the purchase and withdrawal form in the business system and fills in the consignment form with the dump and transportation department. 4Delivery is arranged by the Storage and Transportation Department. 5In principle, the goods should be returned to the original supplier after purchase.If the supplier requests the return of the third party, the supplier shall issue a formal Commission and submit the qualification documents of the third party that meet the requirements. 6The purchaser shall notify the Finance Department to go to the Tax Bureau for the refund certificate of the paid part of the refund and issue the refund certificate to the supplier in time. Drug Return Procedure Technological process uni t Pharmacies Drug Storage Supplier no de A B C 1 Reuse 2 Administrator checks drugs, including: name, specifications, quantity, origin, batch number, expiration date, delivery date, total amount, etc. 3 4 5 Inform the purchaser to settle the problem properly Timely and truthful login to "Return 6 Drug Handling Record" Purchasers must implement the red ink on the invoices of the 7 current month 8 Return the drug 9 10 to the supplier on the spot Check and accept the returned medicines according to the "Drug Acceptance Operational Procedure" Store the launched 11 12 drugs in the return area Sign on the return certificate Print out negative library numbers The administrator signs the return certificate

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