Differences between Landscape Engineering and Landscape Greening Engineering Landscape engineering includes architectural sketches, roads and squares, mountains and stones, water bodies and plants. Landscape greening engineering strictly includes plant parts, so landscape greening engineering is a part of landscape engineering, that is to say, landscape engineering includes landscape greening engineering. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the concept of environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger, so more and more attention is paid to landscape engineering.For the plants around us, we should take good care of them, so that they can grow more flourishing.Landscape engineering is mainly about topographic transformation, mountain lifting, stone laying, landscape water management and revetment, fountain engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, Garden Road engineering, planting engineering, etc. Landscape engineering construction should not only meet its use function, but also meet the requirements of landscape architecture. There are similarities and differences between landscape engineering and landscape greening engineering. mutuallywithspot All of them belong to the gardening industry, and the related projects will involve real estate projects, municipal projects and so on. Nowithspot Landscape engineering focuses on landscape, mainly hard pavement, stone, sculpture, waterscape, swimming pool, wooden gallery, etc. Landscape greening focuses on plants, mainly the cultivation and maintenance of trees and shrubs, aquatic plants and other work. For urban areasGreening refers to the construction of green space with general plant planting and aesthetic quality, while gardening refers to parks and gardens carefully planned, designed and managed. For citiesGreening refers to the construction of barren hills, trees and farmland forest network in suburban areas, while gardening refers to the green space in urban areas. For the whole countryGreening refers to the general afforestation, and gardening refers to the beautified environment such as scenic spots with higher quality. Generally speaking, we say that there is no difference between the two. If we have to cut words, garden engineering includes small garden buildings, garden sketches, walkways, waterscapes, rockeries and other projects besides greening planting. And garden greening engineering is simple greening, namely planting trees and shrubs, flowers, ground cover, grass, aquatic plants, etc.Therefore, the scope of landscape engineering is larger, and landscape greening engineering includes landscape engineering.

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