Master these computer knowledge, you will play shamelessly! 1. Retrieve the documents deleted by mistake and clear the recycle bin Steps:   1Click Start - Run, and then enter regedit (Open Registry) 2HEKEY-LOCAL    MACHIME/SOFTWARE/microsoft/WINDOWS/CURRENTVERSION/EXPLORER/DESK TOP/NAMESPACE, click "New" outside the left margin, select "Primary Key", and name it "645FFO40-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E" Then set the key value of the "default" primary key on the right to "Recycle Bin" and exit the registry.It's OK.   3To restart your computer. As long as your machine has not run disk cleanup.The system is in good condition. Documents can be retrieved at any time. In this way, the Inspection Bureau checked the sales list in the company computer and found that we had evaded taxes. 2. The easiest way to hide folders (no one else can find them) The hidden methods are as follows:   Eg: Now you need to hide the tools folder in the BAK directory of e disk e: bak tools Operation: CMD Type: attrib s a H R e: bak tools Then you go in and see if there is a tool folder in the e-disk bak directory! This makes the folder invisible, regardless of whether you display the hidden file or not. What should I do when I need to visit? Turn on my computer - type e: bak tools to get in directly, provided you remember your hidden folder name (remember) Now you need to cancel the hidden folder. The command is as follows: Operation: CMD Type: attrib-a-s-h-r: bak tools When you enter the e-disk bak directory, you will find that the tools folder is displayed. If you want to really hide folders, it's safer to follow the above.   As for what to put, where to put it is your problem. Don't say I teach you badly.   PS: "Hidden File" method is somewhat practical. After using this method to hide, the hidden files will be displayed as long as before "My Computer" Tools - Folder Options - View - "Hidden Protec A good way to really prevent others from reading is to use software to encrypt passwords.(Here's to the comrade who pointed out this novice! ~) 3. Prevent others from turning on your computer while you are away   @ color 4F   @echo of   Echo deletes all files on the computer's CD...   Ping-n 2 127.1 > nul   Echo deleted   Echo.   Echo deletes all files on the computer's disk...   Ping-n 2 127.1 > nul   Echo deleted   Echo.   Echo.     Echo deletes all files on the computer's E-disk... ping-n 2 127.1 > nul   Echo deleted   @ color   Echo.   Echo.=========================================   Echo. Trojan Horse Manufacturer: *** (Secret of course) o () o ()   Echo.=========================================     The system restarts automatically after 60 seconds. Just put the XP installation disk in it directly...     Echo. This is a Trojan Horse program... All information has been sent to *****@   Shutdown/r/t 60   Echo   Echo.   Echo.     Echo. There's no time. I'm going to flash.. 88. I'll contact you after installing the system.   Pause    Please save the above content as 123. bat and add it to the startup item.    It's a prank, but it's useful, for example, to prevent people from turning on your computer while you're away, and it's sure to be scared.O () o () The way to terminate this program is Start - run - shutdown - A Fourth, Tencent 2008 QQ 10 "hidden expressions"     QQ2008 is a brand new function - "ten hidden expressions", as long as you type out the ten hidden words, you can have the corresponding special expressions. After the New Year's edition, there will be this expression.In fact, these words are all stored in the QQ2008 program. Enter the shortcut key in the chat window: / 08 Olympic Games, I want China Red Enter shortcuts in the chat window: / Password protection means not abandoning or giving up Enter a shortcut key in the chat window: / I'll post it to you Enter shortcut key in chat window: / Spring Festival Enter a shortcut key in the chat window: / 08 Red Man is not your Mouse Enter shortcuts in the chat window: / You're not alone in the group Enter a shortcut key in the chat window: / RPWT Enter shortcuts in the chat window: / New Year's Day Enter shortcuts in the chat window: / Meaningfulness means living well, and living well means doing meaningful things. Enter the shortcut key in the chat window: / I am a member, I am the most harmonious and powerful 5. Teach you how to build an invincible folder that no one else can touch. Teach you h

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