Design of Teaching Plan for Road Traffic Safety Law Ren Shumei, Shacheng Middle School 1. Teaching objectives:   1Learn the traffic regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law for pedestrians and passengers, and understand the importance of traffic rules in modern social life.     2Understand that in modern society, every citizen should consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations.     3Deeply aware of the need to comply with traffic regulations, thus creating a sense of obligation.   4Willing to restrain oneself according to traffic regulations.     5When relatives and friends violate traffic regulations, they should promptly persuade them to recognize the mistakes and correct them. 2. Teaching emphasis: Understand the necessity of making traffic regulations and keep them in mind. 3. Difficulties in teaching: 1Let students feel deeply that they should always abide by traffic laws and regulations, which means cherishing life. 2To persuade relatives and friends who violate traffic regulations around them to recognize their mistakes and correct them. 4. Class hour: one class hour 5. Teaching methods: discussion and explanation 6. Teaching process: (1) Situational Introduction Teacher: You must know this word, classmates. It's a word (sheng: fa).So in your eyes, what is Dharma? Teacher: What laws and regulations do you know? Let's talk with us. (nomination theory) Teacher: The law accompanies us all our lives.Today, we are learning a law closely related to our lives, the Road Traffic Safety Law.(Blackboard: Road Traffic Safety) (2) Understanding Traffic Law Teacher: What traffic regulations do you know? Can you tell me? Student: Actively speaking in groups Teacher: It seems that students know a lot about traffic regulations. Today, we are going to study the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law on pedestrians and passengers.(Teachers use slides to show relevant laws and regulations) Please read these regulations freely.Find out which rules you already know, write them on your notebook with a red pen, which ones you first learned today, and write them down in blue.And try to retell the contents of the regulations in your own words. Student: Complete the teacher's assigned activities as required Teacher: I'd like to talk with other students about the regulations you learned at the beginning of today. You can use your own words and read them out directly. Divisor: Vehicles and pedestrians should walk in their own lanes. Teacher: This law tells us: stop at red light, go at Green light, and pass on zebra crossing.Read it together.(Read in full class) Teacher: It is illegal to jump over, lean on the traffic guardrail and make trouble on the road. (Blackboard: Don't make trouble on the road, climb over the barrier is not feasible) Read it together. Teacher: We have little contact with this regulation. This regulation is designed to protect the weak. Divisor: Driving means that the train is approaching this railway crossing. This law tells us that vehicles and pedestrians should obey the command and have self-protection consciousness at all times.(Blackboard: Vehicles and pedestrians are under command) Whose command do you follow?(nomination theory) Teacher: Who can tell you what flammable and explosive articles you know? (Naming) Please imagine what might happen if passengers got on board with inflammable and explosive goods.Let's read it together. Teacher: These traffic regulations should be kept in mind.Read it together. Student: The whole class reads in full. Teacher: Would you like to read with your teacher? Student: Teacher-Student Cooperative Reading Teacher: How about boys and girls reading together? Student: Co-reading between boys and girls Teacher: Do you remember?Want to try to carry it on your back?The child who can recite looks at the teacher and the child who can't read looks at the blackboard. Student: (Students should abide by the laws and regulations) Teacher: Just now the students have remembered the traffic regulations. Now let's take a look at a group of traffic signs together. This is what we are going to learn today.(Courseware shows traffic signs one by one) Do you know this sign?Who will say what it means? Student: Raise your hand and answer. Teacher: Let's take a look at these three sets of traffic signs. What did you find?What are the characteristics of these three groups of signs? Student: Group representatives describe the findings of each group

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