Reminder Programming Language: C++, C#, Python (Red font indicates the programming language used in this course)C Graphic Function Options: Win32 Program, MFC, WinForm, DirectX10 (bold indicates the program graphics category of this course, default is nongraphical interface)Win32 Console Program (Black Box, Text Interface) Win32 Console Program Data structure: basic type, array, linked list, bidirectional linked list, search tree (unbalanced binary tree), balanced binary tree, combination of linked list and balanced binary tree, stack, queue, string, graph (bold body indicates the data structure used in this lesson) C++ Language Items: STL Library STL Library Compiler environment: Windows 7 64-bit Flagship Edition ()Download Linux and other environments with caution Integrated development environment: Visual C++ 6.0, DEVC++, CodeBlocks, Visual Studio 2015 can be compiled.(The light blue font indicates that the modified version needs to be run, so the user can choose the source code test by himself.) Multi-header file compilation: No (all codes are basically contained in one file, if you need to test the function of header file, please refer to relevant literature by yourself) Content description: 1Topics and previews will be displayed on page 2. 2Number of lines of code:241 3The contents shown in the catalogue are basically covered in this article. If there is no content, it will be explained on this page. 4Appendix absolutely contains user's manual and complete source code and detailed annotations. 5If you need to download something else, this article will explain it here. Header files (for example, DirectX needs to be configured separately) 6In addition, due to my limited level, there are inevitably errors and omissions in the compilation. I urge teachers or students to criticize and correct them. Report on Course Design of Object-Oriented Programming Design Topic: Design of Analog ATM Deposit and Deposit Management System Instructor: Student classes: Student number: Name of student: Group members: Time: 2017.12. Course Design Task Book Title Design of Analog ATM Deposit and Deposit Management System I. Design Contents and Requirements (1) Enter the card number and password at most three times, otherwise exit the system directly. (2) Drawing function: The withdrawal amount is limited by the card balance, the maximum withdrawal amount per machine and the current residual amount of the machine. (3) Query function: realize the function of query balance. (4) Change the password: to achieve the function of password change, the password should be verified twice. (5) Lock card function: realize the function that the card is locked. (6) Card Return Function: Exit System Function. II. Design Source Materials Third, the results submitted after the completion of the design and related information. IV. Major References C++ Programming (Second Edition) V. Process Arrangement 12.25Class design 12.26Design of Modules 4.2 and 4.3 12.27Design of Modules 4.4 and 4.5 12.28Complete the course design report Chapter I Overview ATM teller machine can save human resources, facilitate users to carry out simple and commonly used operations, and provide users with all-weather services, improve bank efficiency, and provide people with great convenience. In this paper, a simple ATM ATM simulation program is designed in C++ language. When running the program, when the given card number and password (initial card number and password are 123456), the system can login to ATM teller machine system. Users can enter the function realization interface, including query balance, withdrawal, deposit, password modification and other functions. Design points:Use the text command line interface.When a given card number and password (initial card number and password is 123456) is entered, the ATM teller machine system can be logged in. The user can follow the following rules:  Inquiry Balance: Initial Balance is 10000 Yuan  ATM withdrawal: Each withdrawal amount is a multiple of 100, the total amount does not exceed 5000 yuan, the withdrawal amount is not allowed to overdraft.  ATM Deposit: Negative deposit is not allowed. Modify password: The length of new password is not less than 6 bits. It is not allowed to have exactly the same 6 bits. Only if the old password is correct and the new password meets the requirements, and the password can be changed successfully when the two inputs are the same. Chapt

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