Decoration of Building Exterior Wall 1. Combustion properties of decorative materials The decorative materials (such as decorative panels, billboards and banners) attached to the exterior walls of buildings, such as flammable materials, will spread from the exterior facade to multiple floors to form three-dimensional combustion in case of fire, which greatly increases the difficulty of fire fighting and rescue.Therefore, the material of large outdoor billboards and banners should be easy to break down in case of fire; the decorative layer of building exterior walls should be made of grade A material, but grade B1 material can be used when the building height is not more than 50m. 2. Placement of billboards If the outdoor billboard is set outside the fire extinguishing and rescue window or the natural smoke exhaust window, it will be disadvantageous to the smoke exhaust of the building, the escape of the personnel in emergency and the external fire rescue.At the same time, it should be noted that on the outside wall on the side of the fire truck climbing surface, no prominent billboards should be set up to prevent the fire truck climbing operation.

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