Daily management rules and regulations of factories In the face of the trend of fierce competition in today's market economy, in order to improve the efficiency of factories and protect the interests of workers, we should formulate some regulations: 1. Personal interests are less than the interests of the factory, and the interests of the factory are less than the interests of the state.Every employee must be honest and law-abiding and abide by the rules and regulations of the factory. 2. In case of not violating the law, everyone in the factory should obey all arrangements made by Comrade Wang Zhihong, and those who do not obey should treat the circumstances according to the factory regulations. 3. The director should report to the general manager in time any emergencies occurring in the factory during work.If unnecessary losses are not reported, the director is responsible. According to General Manager Zhang Baogang, Vice General Manager Zhang Changchun and China's Labor Law, the following rules and regulations are jointly formulated: 1. Our factory staff go to work at 8:00 every morning, and the director calls the roll.The general manager makes random checks from time to time.Five minutes late with 10 yuan deduction.30 minutes late, deducting the day's salary.Employees should ask for leave from the factory director and have the general manager's instructions. If there is no reason for absenteeism, the monthly salary should be deducted or dismissed. General Manager's Responsibilities: General Manager should lead all staff to do a good job in all aspects of work, and do a good job of unity.Reserve resources.Guarantee that wages are paid on time. Responsibilities of the Director: The Director should lead the fulltime staff to do a good job in production, pay attention to quality, enforce the law impartially, and not engage in malpractices for personal gain.Do a good job of the work assigned by the general manager, do a good job of unity.The director should be responsible for the loss caused by the quality problems of the formula.If any material is needed in the factory, the director of the factory should make a request to the Material Section three days in advance. Responsibilities of Material Section: To inspect the market in time and understand the price difference of market materials.If material causes serious losses to our factory, the Chief of Material Section should be responsible for it. Employee Responsibilities: 1. To work on time, not late, not early to leave. 2. Complete the work assigned by the factory director as required. 3. Take care of the mould in the factory. If it is damaged intentionally, it will be compensated according to the original price. Negotiations will be held on matters not covered. Summary of Party Members'Year-end Work Looking back on one year's experience, there are gains and shortcomings.I have made some progress in my thinking and study. Now I will make a summary report on my thinking, work and study in the past year.First, we should consciously strengthen theoretical learning, strengthen organizational discipline and strengthen theoretical learning. First, we should attach importance to it ideologically.Theory originates from practice and is higher than practice.In the past year, I have taken the initiative to strengthen the study of political theory knowledge, mainly including continuing to deeply understand the important thought of "Three Representatives" and cooperating with the branch's organizational life plan, effectively improving my ideological understanding, at the same time paying attention to strengthening the understanding of external current affairs, through learning, improving my political acuity and discriminatory ability, firm stand and firm stand.Faith, in the face of the issue of right and wrong, can always keep a clear mind.This year, I successfully turned to be a full member of the Communist Party of China, which gave me unlimited confidence, but also more pressure.I am always reminded of what a Party member should and should not do, which has promoted my progress.First of all, I deeply and clearly recognize my shortcomings and shortcomings, and gradually improve in life, a person to correct errors and shortcomings of the process I think will not overnight.So I'm fully prepared.In particular, at the organizational life meeting, comrades once again pointed out my shortcomings, which made me feel that I still have

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