Central China Training Management System Chapter I General Provisions Article 1: In order to meet the development goals of Huazhong Training, improve human performance, improve staff quality, enhance staff's ability to work and understanding of corporate culture, and systematically enrich their knowledge and skills, develop their potential abilities, establish good interpersonal relationships, and further develop the spirit of our company, we have formulated the Training Management System (hereinafter brief).This system is used as the basis for the implementation and management of personnel training in the company. Article 2 Scope of application: All training plans, implementation, supervision, evaluation and improvement proposals for all employees of Benhua Central Distinguishing Company shall be handled in accordance with this system. Article 3 Division of powers and responsibilities 1Right and Responsibility of Training Lecturers in Central China 1) Establish and revise training system; 2) To formulate and submit training plans for branch companies; 3) Collect and organize all kinds of training information and release it in time. 4) Contact, organize or assist in the implementation of the company's training courses; 5) Check and evaluate the implementation of training; 6) Manage and control training costs; (OEM manufacturers'input and learning costs) 7) Tracking and examining the training effect; 2 The powers and responsibilities of various departments 1) Formulate the training plan within the department; 2) To formulate the training outline of the department's professional courses; 3) Collect and provide relevant professional training information; 4) Cooperate with the implementation of departmental training, feedback and exchange of results; Chapter II Training Management Article 4 The training arrangement shall be reasonable and fair as far as possible on the basis of conscious and voluntary participation, in accordance with the staff's post responsibilities and personal interests. Article 5 All employees of the company have the right and obligation to receive relevant training. Article 6 The establishment and revision of the training plan and system of the company, the budget of all training expenses, the examination and summary report, the registration of training records and the archiving of training materials and other related training matters shall take the training lecturer in Central China as the main authority and responsibility unit. It is hoped that the relevant departments can even put forward suggestions and suggestions for improvement, and cooperate with the implementation of relevant systems and policies. Article 7 The company's training implementation, effectiveness feedback and evaluation and assessment work, branch headquarters, Huazhong training lecturers as the main authority and responsibility units, and the company's training lecturer performance will be graded.All departments should give necessary assistance. Chapter III Training System Article 8 Entry Training for New Employees 1) Target: All new recruits. 2) Aim: To help new employees adapt to the new working environment as soon as possible and enter the working conditions smoothly. 3) Training form: company centralized training. 4) Training content: It involves company introduction (including company development history and prospects, corporate culture, company organizational structure, Department Distribution and department functions), company system introduction, product knowledge, simple sales skills training, etc. Article 9 Internal Training 1) Training target: all staff 2) Training purposes: Depending on the internal technical strength of the company, make the best use of the internal resources of the company, strengthen internal communication and communication, form a mutually helpful learning atmosphere in the company, and enrich the spare time learning life of employees. 3) Training form: in the company to lecture, seminars, exchanges in the form of. 4) Training content: It covers many aspects of technology and management, as well as amateur knowledge and information that employees are interested in. Article 10 External Training 1) Training target: all staff 2) Training objective: Depending on OEM manufacturer's strength, to enhance the professional knowledge, IT industry development trends, skills and skills that employees should possess in their own work, so as to improve the quality

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