Experience of company training Chapter 1: Experience in training managers of the company. Experience in training managers of the company. Ms. Xie of Shangnan Inorganic Salt Co., Ltd. from April 12 to 13, 2014. I was lucky to be appointed by the company to conduct a two-day closed learning and training at Yongcun Hotel, 65 Jianguo Road, Beilin District, Xi'an City. I listened to the training mentor of managers of Chinese enterprises and the implementation of China's actual combat.Management expert Mr. Han Chao's excellent report, and a serious and extensive discussion from his post.Through learning and thinking, I learned a lot of knowledge about quality management, safety management, production management, etc. I deeply realized that our laboratory sometimes has the harmfulness of dealing with the inspection of raw materials and product quality, false reporting of statistical data, delaying time, etc. I knew the focus of recent work, broadened my horizon, and laid a foundation for better work in the future.Basics.Through training, I benefited a lot and felt a lot.First, in this training, I learned a lot of new knowledge and methods of management. Mr. Han described the contents and methods of management from the following aspects: 1. Self-management chapter is about managers'changing thinking mode, changing work roles, learning and communicating skills.2. Team management, from selecting and employing personnel to cultivating guidance, from team management to team leadership, from cross-departmental collaboration to process collaboration, etc.3. Work management, from plan delegation to effective authorization, from target performance to project management, from supervisory management to execution system.4. Leadership charm, from management skills to leadership charm, from institutional constraints to cultural impact, from salary incentives to comprehensive incentives.In particular, the classic quotation of Mr. Han made me feel the deepest: "Managing people and affairs, separating thinking and combining behavior; Leading people and processes should be in charge of affairs"; "Strong generals have weak soldiers, use advance and retreat, turn every unexpected incident into routine work in the future" and so on, which benefited me greatly, and enabled me to grasp some difficult problems in daily management, such as: old and new people.Incapability, gang problems, mutual prevarication, nothing wrong, fraud and other issues.Secondly, through learning and training, I clearly realized that we should constantly strengthen the training of quality and ability. Firstly, we should strengthen staff training, improve ideological quality and professional level.The 21st century is a knowledge-based economy society, an electronic, networked and digital society, whose knowledge updating and depreciation are accelerating day by day.The only way for a country, a nation and an individual to adapt to and keep up with the development of modern society is to keep pace with the times, keep learning and make progress.Enterprise management and innovation depend on learning, training, new thinking and new measures.Strengthening training and learning is the need for us to further improve our management level.Quality management and benefit management are the eternal theme of enterprises.Strengthening training and learning is one of the most direct means to improve the management level of enterprise managers, and it is also an urgent need to improve the management level.Only by strengthening learning can we understand and master advanced management concepts and methods, learn from the strengths of others to make up for our weaknesses, and only in this way can we fulfill the tasks assigned by the organization without bearing the heavy expectations of the organization.Second, we should constantly strengthen the overall situation awareness and responsibility consciousness.We should set up the principle that the company's interests are the first, the part is subordinate to the whole, the small is subordinate to the overall situation, and always maintain a healthy and upward spiritual state of work, enhance the enterprising sense of courage to overcome difficulties, be responsible, bear heavy burdens, and persevere in promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the company.Third, we should strengthen communication and coordination and be skilled in working methods.To learn to communicate and coordinate, to be goo

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