Financial management system Chapter I General Provisions Article 1In order to strengthen the company's financial management and give full play to the role of Finance in the company's management and economic efficiency, this system is formulated in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and financial systems of the state and in light of the company's specific conditions. Second articleFinancial management must strictly enforce financial discipline, aiming at improving economic efficiency and strengthening the economic strength of enterprises, implement the policy of "running enterprises diligently and thriftily", save diligently and economically, and stop extravagant waste and all unnecessary expenditures in the operation of companies, reduce consumption and save costs. Third articleFunctions of Company Finance Department 1Carefully implement the relevant state financial management system and tax system, and implement the company's unified financial system. 2Establish and improve various rules and regulations of financial management, prepare financial plans, strengthen management of business accounting, reflect and analyze the implementation of financial plans, and check and supervise the implementation of financial discipline. 3Actively serving the operation and management, finding problems through financial supervision, putting forward suggestions for improvement, and promoting the company to achieve better economic benefits. 4Strictly economize and rationally use funds. 5Actively communicate with tax and banking departments, timely grasp the changes of relevant laws and regulations, effectively standardize financial work, and timely provide financial statements and related information. 6Complete other tasks assigned by the company. Fourth articleAll departments and employees of the company must abide by this system in handling financial affairs. Chapter II Duties and Responsibilities of Financial Jobs Fifth articleThe chief financial officer organizes the following work of the company 1To carry out cost accounting, analysis and assessment, and urge the relevant departments of the company to reduce consumption, save costs and improve economic efficiency; 2Establish and improve the economic accounting system, make use of financial and accounting data to analyze economic activities, and put forward reasonable suggestions to the company's leaders in a timely manner. 3Responsible for establishing and improving the company's existing financial accounting system, cost collection and distribution system; 4To undertake other tasks assigned by the leadership of the company. Sixth articleThe Main Duties of Accounting 1In accordance with the provisions of the state accounting system, we should complete the procedures, accurately count, clearly account and report the accounts on time. 2According to the principles of economic accounting, periodic inspection, analysis of the company's financial, cost and profit implementation, tap the potential of income and expenditure savings, assess the effectiveness of the use of funds, and be a good company staff officer. 3Proper custody of accounting vouchers, accounting books, accounting statements and other accounting materials. 4According to the Accounting Law and the relevant management measures of the company, the company and the project department are comprehensively accounted for, controlled, supervised and analyzed. 5To grasp various economic contracts, expenditures, fund raising and fund distribution so as to have evidence for examination and approval of various economic and business expenditures and income. 6To master the budgetary estimates and budgets of various projects and exercise accounting supervision.Participate in budget management and allocate funds rationally. 7Responsible for the record of general ledger and the compilation of year-end financial accounts, and report the summary results of financial settlement to the management of the company. 8Correct the errors and malpractices in financial work and standardize the company's economic behavior. 9In view of the causes of the problems in the company's financial work, suggestions and measures for improvement are put forward. Article 7 The main duties of a cashier 1To handle cash receipt and payment and bank settlement business in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on cash management and bank settlement system. 2Carefully implement the cash mana

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