Lead in 阿里巴巴 B2B 公司 CEO 卫哲“引咎辞 Dior 创意总监 John Galliano 因价值观问 职” 题“被辞职” 万科执行副总裁肖 楠“突然离职” 名企高管们 Executives of famous enterprises Company Logo Liu Qinghong 2009110532 Jin Lijie 2009110537 Contents 1 Why do executives need to be trained 2 How to discover the potential of senior managers 3 Executive Training Practical Series 4 Summary - No grinding, no living Why do executives need to be trained? Performance is no 1 1 t a "true" stand ard Leadership is the k ey to truly mak e a company dif ferent and creat e value. Strong l eadership can p romote the com pany to flourish . 1 2 2 2 Executives don't "grow na turally" Ideal way: Internal training, promoti on and successful plac ement in the position of managers to play a role Common ways of successi on: 1. Firefighter-type Airborn e 2. Internal secondment Usually, the way of succession of senior managers is as follows: Potential: Potential is the degree to which a person's current ability matches the requirements of his future job, t aking into account the potential growth factors and possible obstacles. Click Add Acceleration factor Click Add Content Text Willing to learn The ability to think across domains Understanding others Emotional maturity Hindrance factor From individuals: sh ort-sighted, lack of s elf-control, arroganc e and indifference... From organizations: laissez-faire, Peter's Principle, frequent promotions... Typical ways of enterprise potential assessment: Talent selection: 当前业绩一般 潜质一般 当前业绩优秀 潜质一般 当前业绩一般 潜质很好 当前业绩优秀 未来潜质非常好 视情况保留或退出 当期业绩重要贡献者,予以考虑 投入资源予以关注、分析并应对 企业培养、保留、激励的对象 GE: Values and performance are indispensable shap e god Top management training: Rotary Combat Top management trai ning Actual combatPractical serie s Practice of Tutorial System Training actual combat Rotation Training Model-Concept  "Rotation training mode" is a method to provide tailor-ma de training path for talents with leadership potential. It ca n improve their leadership ability through job rotation, lea dership feedback, self-correction and repeated practice, and help talents with leadership potential "learn from doi ng" and grow rapidly.Make sure he has the necessary le adership skills before he moves on to a new position.  This model can help potential leaders to upgrade their core leadership ability to a state of pure fire in a short t ime. Rotation Training Model - Example: Lenovo Group : " 鹰 老 和 • " 小鸡 逸 翅膀 - 平静安 鸡的 小鸡的心,小 辉煌 彩 精 膀 翅 鹰的 老鹰的心,老 挣扎 结 纠 膀 翅 鸡的 老鹰的心,小 静自然 恬 膀 翅 的 鹰 小鸡的心,老 不失风采 而 e l o R d e h c • Stret 常善于在合适的 联想集 团非 领导 质 潜 高 给 的 时间有 意识 能力 人 个 超 略 供 后备人员提 的岗位。 Tutorial System-Concept  Tutorial System is a Human Resource Solution to Help Employees Career Planning and Management  Through the training of mentors, improving their lead ership, as an important source and reference of compa ny reserve cadres, is conducive to the construction an d development of leadership. The effective implement ation of the mentoring system really makes the superi ors and subordinates become the community of intere sts on the career path, which is conducive to the retent ion of enterprise talents. Tutorial System - Example: Ye's Chemical Industry  MT growth notes In 2003, Zhou Mimi, who had just received his doctorate degree i n chemical engineering from Cambridge University, joined the group through Ye's first MT program.Eight years later, she has become the R&D director of the R&D center of the Group. In the actual work of accepting the wind and rain, one-to-one MT mentor I played an indispensable role, they as past people to encourage the management of these new people when they e ncounter difficulties, when confused to give them directions. MT can't hear their preaching, but can feel their existence. MT is supported, but still can grow brutally. Microsoft: Problem-Oriented Helps Personal Transition Organizational Managers Department Manager Learning Circle Small team manager "Manager Foundation Lab" Independent workers New beginner Those who sign up for training are fined $100 to $300 if they do not attend or are more than 30 minutes late. Rich training Business services User services and support Engineering and Market IT management and operation 。 。 。 Conclusion: Let TA be on the front line and give him the opportunity to meet risks and pressures 实行轮岗式 培养模式 接受挑战 迎接风险 引导正确的 高管价值观 为 TA 安排一位 合适的 Coach Company Logo

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