Departmental Distribution of Companies I. Distribution of Company Departments 2013Excellence Group was formally established in December, and now has more than 20 staff with bachelor's degree or above.The company has ten departments: Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Public Relations Department, Finance Department, Design Department, Budget Department, Engineering Department, Planning Department, Marketing Department and Comprehensive Department. II. Responsibilities of Departments (1) Human Resources Department: 1. Construction of Human Resources Management System (1) Making strategic plan of human resources in enterprises; (2) compiling staff manual and establishing daily management norms for employees; (3) Making enterprise personnel management system and work flow, organizing, coordinating and supervising personnel Implementation of system and process; 2. Design of enterprise organizational structure and compilation of job description (1) Organizational structure design of enterprises; (2) Preparing job descriptions of various departments and positions; and (3) Recruitment management of personnel (1) Make annual human resource demand plan and recruitment plan according to the staffing of enterprises; (2) expand and maintain Recruitment channels; (3) talent evaluation and selection in recruitment process; (4) concrete implementation of recruitment work; (5) establish reserve talent selection scheme and talent reserve mechanism; and (4) staff training and development; (1) Formulating the annual training plan and training outline of enterprises; (2) the connection of external training lecturers and the management of internal lecturers; (3) the development and management of training courses; (4) the organization and process management of employee training, and the evaluation of training effectiveness; (5) managing the work of staff training, academic degree education and continuing education on business trips; and (5) employee performance;Effective management (1) daily assessment of employees; (2) design and organize the implementation of enterprise performance appraisal program; (3) evaluation and management of enterprise performance results; 6) salary management of employees (1) Investigation and analysis of enterprise salary status to provide decision-making reference; (2) formulation of enterprise human cost budget and supervision of its implementation; (3) design of enterprise salary system; (4) adjustment and incentive implementation of employee salary and welfare; and (7) management of labor relations. (1) Conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys to establish good communication channels; (2) coordinate the relationship between relevant government departments, insurance supervision departments and enterprises in the industry; (3) management of employee labor contracts, personnel files and other information; (4) employee turnover and labor disputes; and (8) management of personnel management information system. (1) Personnel information input and update; (2) Provide all kinds of human resources statistics and analysis forms; (3) Personnel management information system use and daily maintenance in the construction of personnel management information system has the responsibility of collaboration. (2) Finance Department: 1In accordance with relevant regulations, we should abide by the scope and expenditure standards of various income and expenses, tap the potential of increasing income and saving expenditure, rationally use funds, strengthen fund management, do a good job in project settlement, and ensure the realization of company plans and profit indicators; 2. We should implement financial work in accordance with company contracts, articles of Association and relevant national accounting system, so as to complete procedures and ensure the true content.Actual, accurate figures, clear accounts, daily and monthly closure, timely accounts; responsible for the management of company accounting vouchers, accounts, statements and other financial files; 3, responsible for the audit, payment, supervision and inspection of the company's expenses; responsible for the approval of the company's project use plan and management expenses, audit of the project appropriation plan, verify the progress of the project, strictly in accordance with management.Requirements of management authority and progress of project image allocate project funds to eliminate overallocation; 4. P

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