Guidelines for hardbound construction of construction projects Roofing works I. Material requirements 1The roofing engineering materials used should have product certificates and performance test reports. The varieties, specifications and properties of the materials should conform to the current national product standards and design requirements. 2Waterproofing materials: Waterproofing rolls must be inspected for the qualification certificate and quality inspection report. Appearance Quality Requirements of Polymer Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Roll project quality requirement Voids, gaps, cracks Not allow Border Irregularity No more than 10 inches Matrix exposed and Not allow impermeable Coil joint per reel No more than one place, a shorter section should not be less than 1000_, and the joint should be lengthened by 150_ Ex-factory quality certificate documents should be complete, while the field tester is responsible for sampling and inspection, qualified before use. II. Key Construction Points 1Hanging holes in roof pipes.The roof pipe sleeve and rainwater outlet must be installed in place, and the concrete pouring of suspension tunnel should be specially handed over and carried out in layers, so as to ensure the quality of concrete pouring of suspension tunnel can not be carried out until the water closure test is qualified. 2Construction of thermal insulation layer: Before construction of thermal insulation layer, the roof gradient line and horizontal control line pop up on the parapet panel around the wall.And before the construction of insulation layer, it is required to arrange the roof exhaust pipe and vent holes according to the specifications, and it is required that the exhaust be unblocked and nonblocked.Polyphenyl thermal insulation plate material paving stable, the gap between the plates with similar material debris embedded dense, adjacent plate height is the same.The width of staggered seams between plates is 1/2.The insulation board should be close to the parapet wall, and the sticking height of the elevation should be the same as the height of the slope line. There is no gap between the insulation board and the insulation board.The allowable deviation of insulation layer thickness is (+5%) and should not be greater than 4 mm. 3Waterproof base construction.While looking for slope construction, the drainage requirement must be met and there must be no water storage on the surface.When concrete is poured, it should be smoothed with wooden plaster and scraped with punching bars, and then checked for smoothness.The surface of fine stone concrete should be sprinkled with 1:1 dry ash after pouring.Before the initial setting of concrete, when people step on footprints but do not sink, press them with iron plaster for the second time and for the third time to prevent pressure leakage, and smooth the dead pits, dead corners and sand holes to ensure smooth, smooth and non-sandy surface.It is required to cover the surface with plastic film for slope finding. The duration of sprinkler maintenance is not less than 7 days, whichever is not sandy.When the moisture content of the base is less than 9% after drying, the coil waterproofing construction is carried out. 4.Detailed practices: in each Yin and Yang Angle flooding parts should be made not less than R = 50mm arc; in the root of the canal around the width of 20mm groove, filling sealant.Internal drainage position: 50 mm around the water fall, the leveling layer should be made into a slightly low pit, with gaps around it, filled with sealant. 5Additional Layer Construction: Additional Layer must be added at Yinyang Angle of all structures, roof casing and other places, requiring full adherence and no empty drum.The width of the additional layer of Yinyang angle is not less than 500 mm, and the width of each side is not less than 250 mm.The additional layer at the casing through the wall is made into a cylinder. The inner diameter of the cylinder is the same as the outer diameter of the casing.At the root of the casing, the cylinder is evenly cut into six pieces according to the diameter of the casing (the length of the left casing is not cut), and six coils are turned out and pasted at the root of the casing.The above parts are the most vulnerable to leakage, which must be paid great attention in construction. After the acceptance of the additional layer is qualified, the waterproof layer of the rolle

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