Construction Technology of Pipe Shed in Construction Engineering I. Structural Composition and Applicable Conditions (1) Structural composition Pipe shed is composed of steel pipe and steel arch.Cement slurry or cement mortar should be poured into the steel pipe in the pipe shed in order to improve the stiffness and strength of the steel pipe itself. (2) Conditions of application It is suitable for soft strata and special difficult areas, such as extremely fractured rock mass, collapse body, sandy soil stratum, strong expansive stratum, strong rheological stratum, fractured rock mass, fault fracture zone, shallow buried large eccentric pressure and other surrounding rocks, and has strict requirements for stratum deformation. II. Technical Essentials (1) Requirements for Major Materials The length of each section of steel pipe used in short pipe shed is less than 10 m, and that of each section of steel pipe used in long pipe shed is more than 10 m. (2) Key points of construction technology 1. Construction process: Measuring and Placing Hole Position Drilling Rig Position Horizontal Drilling Pressing into Steel Tube Grouting Sealing Excavation. 2. The pipe shed has cap shape, square shape, zigzag shape and arch shape. 3. The length of overlap of two longitudinal pipe shed should be more than 3m. 3. Key Points of Construction Quality Control (1) Control of drilling accuracy Before the drilling starts, the casing should be embedded at the orifice of the pipe shed, and the steel pipe should be placed on the standard arch. External angle should be set for the pipe shed, and the angle should not be greater than 3 degrees in general, so as to avoid sagging of the pipe joints into the excavation face. (2) Pipe placement control 1. The penetration of steel pipe is carried out synchronously with drilling holes. Thick-walled pipe hoops should be used in the joints. 2. When the steel pipe is in place after penetrating into the soil, it is necessary to press cement slurry or cement mortar into and around the steel pipe in time to separate (jump) holes so as to make the steel pipe compact with surrounding rock mass and increase the stiffness of the steel pipe. Short pipe shed: small steel pipe less than 10m in length, with small lead at one time, basically alternating with excavation operation, occupying a larger cycle time, but drilling installation or jacking installation is easier. Long pipe shed: the length is 10-45m, the diameter is thicker, the amount of advance is large at one time, the operation time of single drilling or penetrating long steel pipe is longer, but the installation times of steel pipe are reduced, and the interference between excavation and construction is reduced.

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