Safety technology submission Engineering name Bottom time Project Department of Training Building of Yanchi Vocational Education Center Division (sub-project) Project and Type Name Man of agreeme nt Interpretation of Safety Technology Electrician Handing-in List Number 1. Entering the construction site must abide by the six major disciplines of safety in production and various management systems of site safety. 2. Installation, maintenance or demolition of temporary power supply projects must be completed by electricians. 3. Relocation or mobile electrical equipment must be cut off by electricians and properly handled. 4. The JGJ46-88 Technical Specification for Safety of Temporary Electricity Use in Construction Site must be strictly implemented for temporary electricity use on site. 5. Strictly according to the connection of TN-S system, the special protective zero wires must be connected to the construction electrical equipment and the metal shell of the distribution box at the site. The working zero wires and protective zero wires can not be mixed. 6. It is necessary to ensure the sensitivity and reliability of the shock protector in the electric shock system of the electric power system, to eliminate the scope of leakage protection, to separate the power lighting protectors, and to select the products approved by the provincial level for the production of the shock protector. 7. To do a good job of scaffolding, tower crane and other lightning grounding and zero protection of equipment.Grounding and grounding shall not be used at the same site. 8. The touch current of the electric shock protector must ensure the safe operation requirements.The contact current of the first stage power supply of the main distribution box must be 75-50MA or less, the lighting power must be below 50-30MA, the safe action current of the switch box, the touch current of less than 15MA should be selected for inserting the hand plate vibrator, submersible pump and various hand-held electric tools. 9. Minimum distances between external power lines and scaffolding shall be 3.1.2 such as JG46-88. Minimum distances between tower crane and overhead lines shall be in accordance with relevant regulations.If the above requirements can not be met, it must be enclosed with fencing rods, safety nets and hanging eye-catching warning signs. 10Casing shall be used for the lead-in and lead-out wires of distribution boxes, and the incoming and outgoing wires shall be neat and enter from the bottom of the boxes. The use of poor insulation shall be strictly prohibited. Aging and skin-breaking wires.Insulated cables must be used in the incoming and outgoing lines of mobile distribution boxes and switchboxes. 11It is strictly forbidden to erect in scaffolding, trees and other places, and not to use bamboo poles. 12Adequate height should be provided from the ground. Outdoor lamps should be no less than 3 m from the ground and indoor lamps should be no less than 2.5 M. 13Metal enclosures such as lamps and electric boxes should be protected by zero connection.Lighting switches in single-phase circuit must be equipped with leakage protection. 1436V safety voltage should be applied in dangerous places, and 12V safety voltage should be applied in special places (damp containers, copper bodies, etc.). 15Insulating glue wire should be used for lighting, not floral or plastic cored wire. 16Rain-proof measures should be taken in the production, with complete door locks, colored labels and uniform numbers. 17It is strictly forbidden to mix with power lighting in switchboxes, switchboxes and distribution boxes. 18It is strictly forbidden to replace fuses with other metals, and the installation of fuses is reasonable. 19Voltage regulator settings meet the requirements of specifications. Distribution rooms should have safety protection measures and warning signs. Transformer and distribution rooms should not pile up sundries and have fire protection equipment. 20No mixing connection is allowed for grounding connection. Angle steel can be used for grounding body and thread steel can not be used. Resistance conforms to the specifications. Accept the depositor's signature: Safety technology submission Engineering name Project Department of Training Building of Yanchi Vocational Division (sub-project) Project and Type Name Electric welder Education Center Bottom time Man of agreeme nt Handing-in List Number Interpretation of Safety Technology 1. Ente

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