Construction Project-Completion Acceptance Project and Conditions Subject and statutory conditions for completion acceptance The subject of completion acceptance: After receiving the completion report of the construction project, the construction unit shall organize the design, construction and supervision of the project. The legal conditions for completion acceptance are as follows: (1) Complete the design of the construction project and the contents stipulated in the contract; (2) Complete technical files and construction management information are available; (3) A field test report on the main building materials, structural parts and equipment used in the project; (4) Qualification documents signed by survey, design, construction and engineering supervision units; (5) A project warranty signed by the construction unit. Archives and Information to be Submitted by Construction Units The construction unit shall submit to the urban construction archives a set of conforming construction project archives within three months after the completion and acceptance of the project. The construction unit shall formulate a unified catalogue according to the filing requirements. If there are specialized sub-contracting projects, the sub-contracting unit shall do a good job in sorting out the data according to the general arrangement of the general contractor, and then the general contractor shall examine and summarize the data.In general, the archival data that construction units should submit are: (1) Archives of Engineering technology; (2) Engineering quality assurance information; (3) Engineering inspection and evaluation data; (4) Completion drawings, etc. Regulations on Acceptance and Acceptance of Planning, Fire Protection, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection The construction unit shall, within 15 days from the date of the acceptance and acceptance of the completed construction project, report the acceptance and acceptance report of the completed construction project and the approval documents issued by the departments of planning, public security, fire control, environmental protection, etc. to the competent construction administrative department or other relevant departments for the record. Acceptance of Completion Planning (1) Urban and rural planning departments at or above the county level shall verify whether the construction projects meet the planning conditions.The construction unit shall not organize the completion and acceptance of the project if it fails to verify or fails to meet the planning requirements. (2) The construction unit shall declare the relevant completion data to the competent department of urban and rural planning within six months after the completion and acceptance of the project. Fire control acceptance In accordance with the national technical standards for fire control in construction projects, the completion of construction projects for fire control design shall be carried out and the fire control acceptance and record shall be made in accordance with the following provisions: (1) For large-scale personnel-intensive places and other special construction projects specified by the Public Security Department of the State Council, the construction unit shall apply to the public security fire control institutions for fire control acceptance. (2) For other construction projects, after acceptance, the construction unit shall report them to the fire control organ of the public security organ for the record, and the fire control organ of the public security organ shall conduct spot checks. Construction projects that are subject to fire control acceptance according to law shall not be put into use unless they have passed fire control acceptance or failed fire control acceptance acceptance. If other construction projects fail to pass spot checks according to law, they shall stop using. Fire control institutions of public security organs shall organize fire control acceptance within 20 days from the date of acceptance of fire control acceptance applications and issue opinions on fire control acceptance. Environmental protection acceptance Construction projects built by stages or put into production or use by stages shall be checked and accepted by stages for their corresponding environmental protection facilities. Energy saving acceptance of building engineering Acceptan

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