Biology Teaching Plan for Senior High School Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Chapter 1: Biology Teaching Program for Senior High School Students I. Guiding Ideas     This semester, our school's teaching takes deepening classroom teaching reform as the core, standardizing conventional teaching as the basis, focusing on the research and practice of the organic integration of information technology and subject teaching, taking school-based teacher training as the breakthrough point, and taking characteristic development as the breakthrough point, in order to further improve the school's teaching work, the following work plans are put forward: 2. Key Work in Teaching Improve teachers'sense of cooperation and teamwork. To improve the quality of teaching, all teachers should put forward higher requirements to themselves in the spirit of masters. Leaders should set an example, lead the backbone well, and all staff should take part in the work so as to ensure the orderly and efficient operation of all kinds of work. All teachers should unite and cooperate, strive for progress, regard unity as their life, help each other and make contributions, and strive to improve their overall quality and cohesion in cooperation.Team wisdom, so that students'performance can be effectively improved We should continue to strengthen teachers'learning of educational theory, continue to learn the Outline of Basic Education Curriculum Reform and the new Curriculum Standard of this subject.Preparing lessons and teaching should be geared to all students, so as to effectively teach "for the development of each student"; strengthening teaching research, and paying close attention to the implementation of the process.Preparing, lecturing, attending and evaluating lessons are all based on the new curriculum. Teachers use the time of teaching and research activities to discuss teaching technology and reform the old educational and teaching ideas.Let the new teaching concept go deep into the hearts of the people and make the teaching work advance steadily and steadily. We should adjust the conventional requirements of education and highlight its effectiveness.     In this semester, teachers'teaching routines will focus on the following requirements in accordance with the principles of process management and effectiveness.     1Lesson preparation: The main task to be accomplished in preparing lessons is to make term teaching plan, unit teaching plan and class hour teaching plan.In preparing lessons, we should at least read the whole textbook, the unit textbooks and the intensive textbooks.The basic requirements of preparing lessons are: writing teaching plans on the basis of studying curriculum standards and textbooks and students.To achieve: scientific, accurate, comprehensive content, complete structure; standardized, reasonable and clear form; detailed and slightly appropriate, practical.The teaching plan should be innovative, not rigidly copy the public teaching plan, not copy the reference to replace the teaching plan, not replace the current teaching plan in previous years; the teaching plan should be prepared well before class.Specific requirements: Specific requirements should be based on the situation of students, the rational use of teaching plans     Written lesson plans are required for all types of courses.In addition to traditional teaching plans such as textbook analysis, teaching emphasis, difficulties, teaching process and blackboard design, electronic teaching plans should also add new links with courseware, database and friendship links to give full play to the advantages of modern information technology. The design of teaching method and learning method guidance is required.According to the specific situation of students in this class, the teaching plan should have its own personalized improvement or innovation. Preparing lessons should have personal teaching work plan, unit plan and class hour plan. Each lesson should have knowledge, ability, moral education objectives, key points, difficulties, learning tools, teaching process, summary, homework classification design, etc. Unit teaching postscript or reflection.     2Attendance: Attendance records focus on reflecting the opinions of evaluation, including other people's evaluation and their own evaluation; the number of lecture sessions per semester is not less than 12.

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