2019Construction Management Operational Questions of Grade II Constructors 1. Single-choice questions (70 questions, 1 point for each question).Of the options for each question, only one is most suitable for the purpose of the question. 1. Construction project management refers to the realization of project cost objectives and schedule items through project planning and project control from the beginning of the project to the completion of the project. 2. A petroleum smelting project with an annual output of 500,000 tons of ethylene is determined by public bidding that the general contractor of Project A is responsible for completing the project. For design, procurement and construction tasks, the project contracting mode adopted by the project is commonly referred to as ().A, D+B Contracting Mould B, D-B-B contracting mode C, EPC contracting mode D, BOT contracting mode 3In the following statements about the objectives and tasks of the construction party's project management, the correct one is (). A. The objectives of the project management of the construction party mainly include the progress, quality, cost objective B of the construction project and the objective package of the project management of the construction party. 4. The construction organization design of a project is being carried out, in which the supply of construction force, labor force, machinery, materials, components and other resources is divided. The analysis should be part of ().A, Project Overview B, Construction Deployment and Construction Plan C, Construction Progress Plan D, Main Technologies and Economics 5. The organizational tool for decomposing the structure layer by layer of a project to reflect all the tasks of the project by means of a tree diagram should be: ().A, Work Flow Diagram B, Work Task Schedule C, Project Structure Diagram D, Organizational Structure Diagram 6. As a general contractor, a construction engineering company undertook all the engineering projects of a new campus of a university, aiming at the construction of its comprehensive building. Construction organization design belongs to ().A, Construction Planning B, Construction Organization Design of Unit Engineering C, General Design of Construction Organization D, Subitems 7. Among the following options, the active control in project objective control is (). A. Take preventive measures against factors that may lead to target deviation B. Take effective corrective measures when the target deviates. C. Compare the actual value of the target with the planned value. D. Analyse the reality of the target. 8The planned value and the actual value of construction cost are also relative. Compared with (), the planned value of construction cost is the actual value. A, Actual Construction Cost B, Contract Price C, Completion Final Account Price D, Project Settlement Fund 9During the construction of an industrial park, the project structure, project organization, participating units, procurement contract, implementation process, progress and Cost items, various reports, letters, engineering files, etc. are coded.Each component of each level of the project structure is coded. A, Contract Structure Diagram B, Organizational Structure Diagram C, Project Structure Diagram D, Task Division Table 10According to the Code for Management of Construction Projects GB/T50326-2006, the following options may be exercised by the project manager (). A. Contract signing B, subcontractor C, project fund use D, Project Manager Department 11Construction project risk can be divided into organizational risk, economic and management risk, engineering environmental risk and technical risk, among the following risk factors, technical risk is ().A. Engineering Materials B. On-site fire protection facilities C. Accident prevention plan D. Ability of general technicians 12. Before the construction of a project, the engineering supervision unit shall examine the safety and technical measures in the design of construction organization submitted by the construction unit or Whether or not the special construction plan is in conformity with ().A. Engineering Construction Design Document B, Engineering Construction Technical Regulation C, Engineering Construction Contract 13. The time interval from the time when the construction unit notifies the site supervision department of the supervision unit in writing to the start of the construction of the bypass station shall be

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