Huarun Gas Zhengzhou Construction Co., Ltd. Constructio n log Project Name: Project scale: Contract duration: Start date: Date of completion: Project Department Name: 2 Fill in Requirements 1Use blue or black pens, not ballpoint pens.Please fill in carefully and clearly. 2Construction logs are traceable information for project implementation, which should be recorded truthfully and fraud is strictly prohibited. 3The signature concerned shall be made by the person concerned, and no proxy signature shall be allowed. 4Fill in the instructions on the cover 1) Project Name: Should be consistent with the drawing or contract name. 2) Project Scale: Fill in according to the quantities specified in the contract or task list. 3) Contract duration: The calendar days of the duration shall be specified in accordance with the contract or the requirements of the owner. 4) Start date and completion date: the actual start date and completion date. 5) Name of Project Department: refers to the person in charge of construction who has signed an internal agreement with Huarun Gas Zhengzhou Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. 5Fill in the instructions on the page 1) Number of construction personnel: refers to the number of front-line operators. 2) The construction situation on the same day: the name and location of all the working procedures under construction on that day should be recorded; "construction site" refers to "pile number interval" for pipeline network engineering and "building number" for user engineering.If there are many working procedures on that day, they should be recorded one by one. 3) Workload completed on the same day: Pipeline network engineering should indicate the amount completed on the same day of each process; User engineering should indicate the number of users completed indoor installation on the same day and the length of pipelines laid outdoors on the same day. 4) Accumulated completion: Pipeline network projects should indicate the cumulative completion of each process separately; User projects should indicate the cumulative number of users who completed indoor installation and the cumulative length of pipelines laid outdoors. 5) Quality Inspection: The results of the self-inspection of the completed process quality on the same day should be recorded, which should be consistent with the contents of the "construction on the same day" in the "progress" column. That is to say, the contents of the completed process operation, the corresponding parts and the inspection results should be described in detail, such as: 0+000-0+150, the excavation quality of 150 meters trench is qualified, or 12 households installed in No. 1 building are qualified.The quality inspector shall sign, and the absence of signature or proxy signature shall be regarded as the absence of self-inspection. 6) Safety inspection: Site security personnel should check the whole construction process, whether there are illegal operations and potential safety hazards, whether they have been corrected and eliminated.The on-site security officer shall sign, and the absence of signature or proxy signature shall be regarded as the absence of self-inspection. 7) The contents that cannot be covered in the above columns should be included in the column of "coordination, change and other circumstances". 6In the column of "Coordination, Change, Stopping and Restoring" on the day of resumption, the start and stop time, the cause of stopping and the handling of stopping procedures should be recorded. 7The construction logs shall be kept properly after the completion of the project and shall be submitted to the company for uniform archiving. Pre-construction safety education Education Educational time location 1. Construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with design drawings and safety technical regulations. In case of alteration, the pipeline or installation location shall not be altered privately by communicating with the designer and relevant parties. 2. Safety helmet and safety belt must be worn in high altitude operation. Safety Belt should be hung high and used low. Materials and tools should not be thrown up or down at will. 3. Temporary electricity use in construction site must be carried out according to the system of "one machine, one brake, one box and one leak". Personnel who do not know electricity and machinery are strictly prohibited from indiscriminately connecting power supply and

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