China Railway Eleventh Bureau Group Co., Ltd. New Fujian-Xiamen Railway Project Manager Division 4 and Project Division 1 Emergency Desktop Exercise for Flood Control and Flood Control in Neighbouring Camps China Railway Eleventh Bureau Group Co., Ltd. New Fujian-Xiamen Railway Project Manager Division 4 and Project Division 1 March, 2019 Emergency Desktop Exercise for Flood Control and Flood Control in Neighbouring Camps In order to further strengthen the implementation of emergency plan safeguard measures, improve the ability of the project Department of the first construction area of the project management department of the new Fujian-Xiamen Railway Project 4 to deal with safety accidents and unexpected incidents, and educate the staff how to deal with unexpected incidents correctly, accurately and quickly, my branch decided to organize operation teams and departments to carry out this emergency desktop drill for flood control and flood control in neighbouring camps.: I. Exercise Time The drill is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on March 8, 2019. 2. Simulated drill: The Subgrade of HangzhouShenzhen line in section 45 # - 53 of Meishan Bridge is immersed in water, which is dangerous of subgrade collapse and endangers the safety of HangzhouShenzhen line. 3. Exercise Site Conference Room of Project Department of No.1 Workshop Area of Project Manager Department of New Fujian-Xiamen Railway Project 4 IV. Exercise Form Tabletop exercises V. Exercise Contents Special Exercise for Flood Control and Flood Control Emergency Response in Adjacent Business Line Construction 6. Purpose of drilling Through this desktop drill of flood control and flood control in neighbouring camp construction, it can prevent the construction area of project department in our work area from being subjected to heavy rains, give full play to the role of safety guarantee mechanism in the shortest time, carry out rescue and rescue work quickly, efficiently and orderly, and minimize accident losses; further popularize flood control safety knowledge and enhance staff's prevention.Meanwhile, it is also a test of the emergency plan for safety production, flood control and production safety guarantee of the project Department of our work area. 7. Exercise Job Team 1Command group Chief Commander: Dong Ruiwu is in charge of the overall command and leadership of the drill. Exercise host: Li Yang is responsible for the exercise host and safety supervision. Technical guidance: Feng Nian is in charge of onsite technical guidance during the drill. 2Observation group of subgrade hydrops (technical group) Group leader: Liu Wei: Hu Bin, Lin Jianjing, Xu Xu Responsibilities: Pay attention to meteorological changes and monitor water accumulation. 3Rescue team A group leader: Gaochao Team members: Yin Chengxue and Wang Qi. Group leader: Li Wei Team members: Zhang Baojun and Gao Shutao Responsibilities: 1. Transfer the important tools, materials and equipment on the construction site to ensure the safety of existing equipment on the business line; 2. Reinforce the slope and roadbed with woven bags. 4Electrician Group Group leader: Wu Jia Team members: Yin Mingxian and Chen Wulin Responsibilities: Mobile generators generate electricity, install temporary electricity, and use pumps to pump water from subgrade catchment. 5Material Support Group Group leader: Luo Shitao Team members: Ding Liang and Yang Jian Responsibilities: To be responsible for the dispatch of supplies and machinery needed for flood control and flood control. 6Logistics Support Group Group leader: Sun Pengjun Team member: Zhuang Zhiping Responsibilities: Responsible for statistics of property losses caused by dangerous situations, timely reporting and publishing disaster information. VIII. Specific Process of Simulated Exercise 1At 7:30, the command group issued rescue orders after receiving the yellow warning and the information when the water level was about to reach the warning line. The leaders of each group led the team members to the scene quickly and made preparations. 2At 7:35, the material support group cooperates with the evacuation and resettlement group to organize the evacuation and resettlement of construction personnel and important materials to the residential safety zone. 3The 7:40 distribution unit will generate electricity from mobile generators and pumping water from small pumps.In the process of rescue, people may be injured. The medical team cooperates with the rescue.

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