Construction Engineering-Project General Contracting Model The Connotation of Project General Contracting The general contracting enterprise is entrusted by the owner to carry out the whole process or several stages of contracting for the investigation, design, procurement, construction and trial operation of the construction project in accordance with the contract agreement. The general contracting enterprise shall be responsible to the owner for the quality, time limit and cost of the project as stipulated in the contract.The general contracting enterprise may, according to law, contract part of the work of the contracted project to a subcontracting enterprise with corresponding qualifications, and the subcontracting enterprise shall be responsible to the general contracting enterprise in accordance with the provisions of the subcontract. The basic starting point of general contracting for construction projects is to learn from the experience of industrial production organization and realize the integration of construction production process, so as to overcome the shortcomings of increasing investment due to the separation of design and construction, and the inconsistency of design and construction which affects the construction progress. The main significance of general contracting for construction projects is not to contract the total price and turn-key. Its core is to promote the close integration of design and construction through the organization integration of design and construction process, so as to achieve the purpose of value-added for project construction. Organization of General Contracting for International Projects There are several possible modes for the organization of international project general contracting: (1) An organization (enterprise) has both design power and construction power, and it independently undertakes the task of general contracting of construction projects; (2) The design unit and the construction unit form a consortium or cooperative body for a specific project to undertake the task of the general contracting of the project; (3) The construction unit undertakes the task of general contracting of the project, and the design unit is entrusted by the construction unit to undertake the design task. (4) The design unit undertakes the task of general contracting of the project, and the construction unit undertakes the construction as its subcontract. Basic Work Procedure of Project General Contracting from Inviting Tender to Determining Contract Price The general contracting of industrial construction projects, civil construction projects and infrastructure projects has their own characteristics, but the basic working procedures from the beginning of bidding to the determination of contract prices are similar. The following working steps are for reference only. (1) The owner compiles the project construction outline or design outline by himself or entrusts consultant engineers, which is the basis for the general contractor to compile the project design proposal. (2) The general contractor shall prepare the project design proposal and quotation documents. (3) Design review. (4) Contract negotiation, including the determination of contract price. Internationally, the bidding of general contracting of civil projects mostly adopts the way of describing the function of the project rather than the way of describing the construction of the project, because the bidding basis of the description of the construction of the project is the design document, and the owner can not provide the specific design document when bidding for general contracting of the project. Work procedure of the general contractor of the project The working procedures of the general contractor of the project are as follows: (1) Project start-up: appoint project manager and set up project department. (2) Initial phase of the project: project planning, project planning, start-up meeting; project coordination procedures, basic design data; preparation of plans, including procurement plan, construction plan, trial operation plan, financial plan and safety management plan, to determine project control benchmarks. (3) Design phase: Preliminary design or basic engineering design documents are compiled, design reviews are conducted, and construction drawings or detailed engineering design documents are compiled. (

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