Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Shape Examination Operations 3 1. Single-choice questions (in the alternative answers to each question, choose a correct answer and put its serial number in brackets.15 sub-questions, 2 points for each sub-question, a total of 30 points.) 1. The architectural decoration and decoration project (B) carries out the design, and produces the complete construction drawing design document. A. no need B. must C. can D. suitable 2. Plastering works with drainage requirements should be done (C). A. protection B. arc C. Dropline (trough) D. tracing black 3. The installation of metal doors and windows and plastic doors and windows should adopt (A) method. A. Reserved openings B. Installing side masonry C. Installation before masonry D. Installation of side masonry or installation before masonry 4. According to the installation requirements of door and window glass, safety glass should be used when the single glass is larger than (C) m2. A. 1 B. 1.2 C. 1.5 D. 1.8 5. The wooden suspenders, keels and veneer panels of the ceiling project must be (B) treated. A. waterproofing B. fire prevention C. anticorrosion D. antirust 6. The light partition wall project carries out spot inspection and reexamination of the (A) content of the wood-based panels used. A. formaldehyde B. radon C. ammonia D. Carbon dioxide 7. When the use area of natural granite or ceramic tile used in indoor decoration of civil construction project is more than 200 m2, random inspection of (C) index is carried out for different products and batches of materials. A. finish B. Flexural strength C. radioactivity D. formaldehyde 8. The stone material should be treated (B) in the decorative panel project constructed by wet working method. A. glue B. Alkali-proof back coating C. Brushing Interface Agent D. texturing 9. The surface smoothness, vertical degree of elevation and square angle of yin and Yang should meet the requirements of (C) plastering. A. advanced B. intermediate C. general D. special 10. The marble, granite, stone and other natural stone materials used in building ground engineering, as well as bricks, prefabricated slabs, carpets, artificial slabs, adhesives, coatings, cement, sand, stone, admixtures and other materials or products should comply with the current state regulations on indoor environmental pollution control and radioactivity, (B) and the materials should have inspection reports when entering the site. A. Limitation of toxic substances B. Harmful substance limits C. pollution D. Relevant Strength 11. The main control items of construction quality inspection of sub-projects of building ground engineering should meet the quality standards stipulated in the specifications before they can be recognized as qualified; more than 80% of checkpoints (places) of general projects meet the quality requirements stipulated in the specifications, and other checkpoints (places) shall not have obvious influence on their use and the maximum deviation value shall not exceed the allowable deviation value (C) shall be qualified. A. 20% B. 30% C. 50% D. 80% 12. Cement concrete pavement (C) retains construction joints.When the construction gap exceeds the allowable time, the joint should be treated. A. can B. is not suitable. C. shall not D. must 13. Wood and bamboo surface laying on cement base should be hard, flat, clean and sand-free, and the surface moisture content should not be greater than (C). A. 4% B. 6% C. 8% D. 10% 14. The method of (A) should be used to inspect the cracks, peeling, flax and sand on the surface of all kinds of surface layers (including those without laying part or part of the surface). A. Measuring with steel ruler B. Knock with a hammer C. impressions D. touch 15. After the construction of the whole surface layer of the floor project, the maintenance time should not be less than (A); the compressive strength should reach 5 MPa before the master can walk; the compressive strength should meet the design requirements before it can be used normally. A. 7 d B. 10 d C. 14 d D. 28 d 2. Judgment questions (right painting, wrong painting, 15 subquestions, 2 points for each sub-question, a total of 30 points). 1. The design of architectural decoration and decoration engineering must ensure the structural safety and main use functions of buildings. When the main load-bearing structure is changed or loaded, the safety of existing buildings should be checked and confirmed by the constructio

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