CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING MATERIAL SUPPLY CONTRACT (GENERAL EDITION) User (hereinafter referred to as Party A): Supplier (hereinafter referred to as Party B): ___________________________________In accordance with the principles of voluntary, fairness and good faith, and in accordance with the principles of voluntary, fairness and good faith, we have signed a contract for the supply of materials and materials for the ______________________________________Obey.Material delivery place and delivery time 2.1 Delivery address: __________________________2.2 Starting and ending time of supply: ________________________________________ARTICLE 1 THIRD ARTICLESupply Requirements and Price 3.1 Quantity, Specification and Price Serial Name, Specification Numb Unit Total price numb er Price er Total 3.2 The above price is the arrival price and the comprehensive unit price.Including freight, loading and unloading charges, insurance premiums (if any), taxes (except as otherwise agreed, refers to VAT invoices).结算和资金支付条款 4.1 结算方式:___________________________ ______________________ 4.2 约定的结算期限:__________________________ _________________ 4.3 材料送到工地,甲方指定工程现场人员_________在发 货单上签字作为收货确认。However, the signature shall not be deemed to be qualified for Party B's materials, and the quality of the materials concerned shall be determined in accordance with the Fifth Treaty of this Contract.4.4 Before ______________________4.5 Payment method and time limit: Payment method is public account, and receipt and refund account is based on the account attached to the signing office.FOURTH ARTICLE _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 质量标准和验收 5.1 乙方应对供应材料的质量负责。 5.2 Material shall meet the current national quality requirements and relevant industry standards, as well as the relevant requirements of the owner of the project on material brand, quality, specifications and so on.5.3 After the arrival of Party B's goods, Party A shall organize personnel's preliminary inspection, and if the preliminary inspection is qualified, Party A shall sign and receive it by the designated personnel of Party A; If the preliminary inspection is not qualified, Party A shall return it to Party B, and the losses resulting from it shall be borne by Party B; If there are special requirements for material acceptance in this project, it shall be handled in accordance with this provision; If Party A's preliminary inspection is qualified, it does not mean that the material is ultimately fully qualified, Party AFor further inspection and acceptance, if the quality is found to be unqualified or unable to meet the construction requirements, Party A shall immediately notify Party B to replace or return the goods, and Party B shall immediately handle the matter and bear the relevant losses and expenses, otherwise Party A shall have the right to deduct the relevant funds from the payment of materials.Party A's responsibilities and obligations 6.1 Party A shall, in accordance with the construction progress, provide Party B with notice of the requirements of goods in advance of ___________________6.2 After Party B delivers the materials on time, Party A shall organize the preliminary inspection in time. If the preliminary inspection is qualified, Party A shall sign and confirm in time. If the preliminary inspection is not qualified, Party B shall be notified to return or exchange the goods.Party B's responsibilities and obligations 7.1 Party B shall supply materials in good quality and quantity in time as required by the contract. If the materials cannot be supplied on time or are not up to standard, Party B shall be responsible for the losses caused to Party A.7.2 Party B shall provide Party A with relevant information in time in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.7.3 Party B shall abide by the relevant rules and regulations of the construction site and be responsible for the safety of Party B's personnel and equipment.Party A and Party B shall notify Party B in writing within ______________________8.2 Party B guarantees that the ownership and intellectual property rights of the materials are owned by Party B before they are supplied, and there are no defects in the rights. Party B shall bear the liability for infringement.8.3 Both parties agree that the risk of product damage and loss shall be borne by Party B before the material is

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