Construction and Training of Enterprise Le adership Training contents Leadership is a coaching skill Control Ability-the Embodimen t of Leadership Quotient Team building and managemen t Key to execution 2 Four levels of learning Touch World outlook Outlook on life Sense of worth turn change thinkin g Think square metho d palm hold work do square metho d 了 solutio n know knowle dge letter interes t 3 Several cases     Hunters and hounds British Government Exile Prisoners The Story of Ben Rong Worry of attendance 4 Lovely monster        Mother told her son not to regard difficulties as difficulties. "What does it look like?"Asked the son. Think of it as the monsters in your favorite video game.When it comes, don't be afraid. You just have to beat it hard and beat it.You can even t hink: Well, it's time to play again.When you play games, aren't the big ger monsters the more exciting and fun they are? "What if I can't beat it and fail?" What does that matter?What do you usually do?Is it just to start the ga me again and play it again? Difficulties and Troubles, Opportunities for Growth Trouble is actually a good opportunity. 5 The Difference between Cheerl eading Team and Coach         Knowledgeable Communication, "Stand very close" Goal, motivation and enthusiasm Teach by precept and example Assumed liabilities Strong initiative Learn Lessons from Experience Logical thinking 6 Leadership Quotient, the Core of Control Ability      Management skills and skills, knowledge, skills and accomplishments.4Q IQ: Intelligence Quotient EQ: Emotional Quotient (Control of Environment and Personal Emotions) AQ: Adversity Quotient LQ: Leadership Quotient (Leading Team, Stimulating Team Collaboration) 7 IQ: Intelligence Quotient       10/1000 and 1000/10 Mao Zedong's View of Ethics What's the difference between Xiang Yu and Xu? Yang Changji Teaching Mao Zedong's Cas e Study Method Study Behavior and behavioral potential ar e continuously improved. 8 Condoleezza Rice     Cultured Kandy's interest in classical music, ballet, literature, language, skating, Rugby ver y early. The first solo concert at the age of five and a vis it to the White House at the age of nine From a very young age, her parents have nurtur ed self-perception and drive, decisive decisionmaking and self-confidence. At the age of 17, Kandy had doubts about her m usical talent.Many people are more talented than she is. She has clear thinking, accurate problem-solving, strong explanatory ability and knowledgeable and diligent.She has also studied French for nine years an d can play the piano well.  9 Adversity quotient  Deng Xiaoping's Letter to Mao Zedon g 10 EQ EQ 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Optimism test. Soft candy experiment. (willing to wait: adaptable, advent urous, popular, more confident, mor e independent) (Eager candy eaters: more isolated, stubborn, resigned to pressure, avo iding challenges) Bell Laboratories, "IQ makes people hired, EQ makes people promoted." 11 Why is the experience of others i mportant? Make the right judgement as far as possible  Now ? Future Past times bystander 12 LQ: Leadership Quotient    Long March and Collective Psychoth erapy "No doubt about the employer, no dou bt about the suspect?" The Change from Work to Man: Four Aspects 13 The difference between coachi ng and training         coach The goal is future per formance. Emphasizing learnin g Connect with Potenti al Expand Focus on overall dev elopment Dialogue based Highly dangerous Train  The goal is to present perfo rmance. Short term orientation  Emphasizing performance  Linking to performance  Reinforcement of existing f rames  Focus on specific activities  Based on sermon  Low risk  14 Scenario simulation   Did the child fail in the exam? Emotions, complaints, suggestions, a nalysis 15 Coach Techniques 1: Listening  (empathy, understanding, response, generalization) 16 Coaching Techniques II: Questi oning Clear, specific,  Neutral attitude  Different types Developmental issues, orientation issues , special requirements  17 Coach Technology 3: Cloning M odel  Teach by example. 18 Coaches are like mirrors.    On one occasion, a new leader said that he felt it was v ery hard to be a leader, because no matter what meth od he used, he could not get rid of his subordinates. Leaders should prove that they are right to be stronger than t

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