Electric glass elevator for automobiles Constructions should not be used Many car windows and doors have now been abandoned for lifting (closing and opening). The manual lifting mode of rocker handle is usually changed to the electric lifting mode of button type. Type, even if controlled by an electric glass elevator, is often referred to as the "electric door" Window. Electric glass elevators for cars are mostly made up of motors, reducers, guide ropes, Guide plate, glass mounting bracket, etc.Material or craftsmanship of guide rope There are three kinds of electric glass lifts: rope wheel type, soft bomb type and plastic belt type. Drop device.The first two are using wire rope as guide rope, the second is using plastic belt as guide rope. Guide rope. Take the widely used rope wheel electric glass elevator as an example, it is electric. The machine, reducer, wire rope, guide plate and glass mounting bracket are composed of parts and components. When installation, the door and window glass are fixed on the glass installation bracket, and the glass guide groove is not steel wire. The rope guide plate is parallel. Open the motor, drive the reducer by the motor to output power, pull the steel wire Rope-moving glass mounting brackets force windows and doors to be moved up or down in a straight line The key to the structure of electric glass elevator is motor and speed reducer. It is assembled into one body, in which the motor adopts reversible permanent magnet direct current motor. There are two windings of the same magnetic field coil in the motor, which can be controlled by the switch. Positive and reverse, that is to say, can control the rise or fall of windows and doors. The motor is controlled by a double switch button. It has three functions: lifting, lowering and closing. In the working state, the switch automatically stops at the "off" position when the switch is operated.Manipulating electricity The circuit has a main switch (central control) and a branch switch. The two lines are connected together.Master switch The driver controls the opening and closing of all windows and doors, while the driver controls the opening and closing of all doors and doors. Separate closing is controlled separately by the occupant, and the operation is very convenient. Profit. The quality of the motor is directly related to the normal operation of the electric glass elevator. It must have small size, high weight, high protection level, low noise and electromagnetic. It has the characteristics of small interference and reliable operation. Modern cars have been widely used in microelectronics technology, and the work of motors will emit electromagnetic radiation. Waves interfere with the work of other electrical appliances; a post-sale article by General Motors a few years ago The analysis report shows that nearly 40% of the failures of electric glass lifts are sealed by motors. Development of control mechanism technology of electric glass elevator since mid-1990s Quickly, electronic module control forms were widely used in batch loading, and safety was ensured. Protector.

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