Confidentiality system Confidentiality system refers to the laws and regulations formulated by a country, unit or team when they are engaged in business and management activities, according to the different content of the activities, which will not confidentially disclose the information and content. Here, we learn the model of confidentiality system brought to you by the small edition for your reference. Secret system model article 11, should not say that the confidentiality should never be asked, should not see the confidentiality should never be seen, should not record the confidentiality should never be remembered; do not involve confidentiality in private telephone, communications; do not carry confidential documents to visit, visit, visit relatives and friends and access to public places; do not talk about the opportunity in public places and in front of family members, friends.Dense. children, relatives and 2. In duplicating, the process receiving, of drafting, receiving, printing, transmitting, reading, keeping, clearing, filing, handing over and destroying confidential documents and telegrams with secret contents, all documents and telegrams must be strictly implemented in accordance with the provisions of the management of confidential documents and telegrams, and secret documents must not be copied, transcribed and preserved without authorization. Essential documents and telegrams must be stored in locked file cabinets. 。 3. Receiving and sending documents should be handled strictly according to the procedures of registration and circulation, and checked and cleaned up regularly. If shortages are found, they should be searched in time, and if they are lost, they should be reported to their superiors for the record in time.When staff members are transferred, they must make a careful inventory and handover of confidential documents, telegrams and statistical data kept by individuals, and they must not be taken away. Fourth, strengthen the confidentiality work in the management of letters and letters.All those who need to be stamped must be handled strictly in accordance with management of the regulations seals.Staff on members the should properly keep their seals and all kinds of letters of introduction. They are not allowed to go out with official seals. They must lock their seals in the safe after work. 5. Strengthen the management of modern communications, office automation equipment and computer networking. It is strictly prohibited to involve confidential matters in non-confidential communications systems.When and computer information using computers and their networks, it is impossible to publish state secrets and internal office information on Internet websites; it is impossible to transmit state secrets and internal office information on Internet by email; it is impossible to process, store and transmit state secrets and internal office information by using external computer; it is necessary for computers and their networks to process, store and transmit state secrets and internal office information.Physical isolation from the Internet is required.Leading cadres and secret-related personnel shall not use mobile phones to talk about secret matters; they shall not bring mobile phones into places where secret matters are discussed. 6. Drivers and relevant personnel who follow the leaders should consciously ignore confidential documents and confidential matters that they should not know, and what they already know should be kept secret. 7. Those who violate the company's confidentiality system and cause leaks shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with the relevant provisions. Eighth, we must achieve these sixteen words, serious, thoughtful, reliable and safe. Article 1 of Paradigm 2 of Secret System is formulated for the purpose of keeping company secrets, safeguarding company development and interests. Article 2 All employees have the obligation to keep company secrets. Article 3 In foreign exchanges and cooperation, special attention should be paid to not revealing company secrets, let alone selling company secrets. Article 4 Corporate secrets are matters related to the development and interests of the company, which are only known to a certain range of employees within a certain period of time.Company secrets include the following secret matters: 1.Secret matters in the company's

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