Computer Basic Knowledge Training  The Use of Ghost System Installation Software 1. Selecting the Start Mode of CD-ROM A, old computers or other brands: boot and press Delete to enter the CMOS settings. _ B. The red box is the first, the second and the third driver respectively.Select the first driver and press Enter Settings. C. Press Enter to pop up this window.Removable is a mobile device, HARD DISK is a har d disk, CDROM is a CD-ROM, legacy LAN is a network, DISABLED is not used, we can sele ct CDROM, then press F10 to save and set up. D. Lenovo New Machine Common Settings Start Mode 1), F2 and delete enter BIOS settings. 2) Select the startup options of hard disk and CD-ROM drive according to F12. One display is CD-ROM (CD-ROM) One display is HDDHARD (hard disk) Choose the main interface of installation, mainly choose to run ghost manually. 2. Choose to enter ghsot interface manua lly Step 1 Click OK to enter the main interface 1. Backup of the system by local partition to Image (abbreviated as 122) 2. Restore or reinstall the system by localpartitionFrom Image (123 for shor t) Display Hard Disk Capacity or Display Multiple Hard Disks After choosing the hard disk, prompt the hard disk partition. 1 is the C disk commo nly used in the main partition. After clicking on the main partition to continue, which partition to save appears, na med and then saved to continue. Hardware Recognition    1, motherboard   Battery Memory slot Memory Alarm: Alarm Battery Me mor y slo t Start-up without display: battery short circuit about 10 seconds 2. Introduction of motherboard interface LAN port Mo us eK ey bo ard Int erf ac e VGA interface USB mouth Sound card mouth 3. Memory and CPU CPU Memory

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