Computer Basic Knowledge Test Questions I. Single Choice Questions 1. A complete microcomputer system should include __. A. Computer and External Equipment B. Host Box, Keyboard, Display and Printer C. Hardware and software systems D. System software and system hardware 2. The conversion of hexadecimal 1000 to decimal number is _. A. 4096 B. 1024 C. 2048 D. 8192 3. The ENTER key is _. A. Input key B. Return key C. Space key D. Shift key 6. The Chinese meaning of DRAM memory is _. A. Static Random Memory B. Dynamic Random Memory C. Static Read-Only Memory D. Dynamic Read-Only Memory 7. In microcomputers, the Chinese meaning of Bit is __. A. Binary Bit B. Words C. Byte D. Double Word 8. Chinese character coding stipulated in the National Standard Code of Chinese Characters (GB2312-80). Each Chinese character is coded with __. A. One byte for B. Two bytes for B. C. Three bytes for D. Four bytes for D. 9. The starting sequence of the computer system is _. A. Start the main engine first and then the peripheral B. Start the monitor first and then the printer. C. Start the host before opening the display D. Start the external equipment before starting the host. 10. Programs written in high-level languages are called _. A. Source Program B. Editor Program C. Compiler D. Connector 11. Microcomputer viruses refer to _. A. Biological Virus Infection B. Bacterial Infection C. Damaged Procedures D. Special Damaging Small Procedures 12. The general name of the calculator, controller and memory memory of a microcomputer is __. A. CPU B. ALU C. Host D. MPU 13. Udisk is usually used as storage medium in the internal and external memory of microcomputers. A. No loss B. Total loss C. A little loss D. Most loss 14. The financial management software of a unit belongs to __. A. Tool Software B. System Software C. Editing Software D. Application Software 15. The application of computer network is becoming more and more popular. Its greatest advantage lies in __. A. Save manpower B. Large storage capacity C. Realizing resource sharing D. Improving the speed of information storage 16. Personal computers belong to _. A. Small Giant Computer B. Medium Computer C. Minicomputer D. Microcomputer 17. The only language that can be directly recognized and processed by a computer is _. A. Assembly Language B. High-level Language C. Very High Level Language D. Machine Language 18. The memory in which the original information will be lost due to power failure is __. A. Semiconductor RAM B. Hard Disk C. ROM D. Floppy Disk 19. The hard disk, together with the drive, is a __. A. Memory Memory B. External Memory C. Read-Only Memory D. Semiconductor Memory 20. In memory, each basic unit is given a unique serial number, which is called _. A. Byte B. Number C. Address D. Capacity 21. Among the following memory, the fastest access speed is _. A. Hard Disk Memory B. Floppy Disk Memory C. Semiconductor RAM (Memory Memory) D. Tape Memory 22. Computer software systems should include ___. A. Editing and Connecting Software B. Data Software and Management Software C. Program and Data D. System Software and Application Software 23. The main difference between Semiconductor Read-Only Memory (ROM) and Semiconductor Random Memory (RAM) is __. A. ROM can store information permanently. RAM loses information after power failure B. When ROM is powered down, information will be lost. RAM will not. C. ROM is memory. RAM is external memory D. RAM is memory. ROM is external memory 24. The following list of computer virus transmission routes. The incorrect statement is __. A. Use unknown software B. Borrow other people's floppy disks C. Copy D. by illegal software. By stacking multiple floppy disks together 25. Computer memory is a kind of __. A. Operating Unit B. Input Unit C. Output Component D. Memory Component 26. The personnel file management procedure of a unit belongs to __. A. Tool Software B. Application Software C. System Software D. Wordtable Processing Software 27. DOS in microcomputers belongs to ___ in terms of software classification. A. Application Software B. Tool Software C. System Software D. Editing System 28. The basic unit reflecting the storage capacity of a computer is __. A. Binary Bit B. Bytes C. Character D. Double Character 29. In computer networks, LAN refers to __. A. LAN B. WAN C. MAN D. Ethernet 30. The binary number corresponding to decimal number 15 is _. A. 1111 B. 1110 C. 1010 D. 1100 31. At present, the computer application has enter

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