Comprehensive Test Questions of Construction Engineering Management and Practice 1. Single choice questions (40 questions, 1 point for each question).Of the options for each question, only one is most suitable. Title) 1During the construction of a building project, the effects of workers and operating machinery on the building structure are classified as () according to the variation of load time. A. Static Load B. Dynamic Load C. Variable Load D. Permanent Load 2A simple-supported beam is subjected to uniform alignment load. It is correct to say that the internal force of each section of the simple-supported beam changes regularly. A. Maximum positive moment in midspan B. Maximum negative moment in midspan C. Maximum shear force in midspan D. Minimum shear force at support 3The following statement about structural earthquake resistance is correct. A. Structural earthquake is the main research area of building seismic resistance. B. "Medium earthquake repairable" means that it can continue to be used without repair when it is affected by earthquakes equivalent to the seismic fortification intensity of the region. C. Using cast-in-place concrete staircase structure is an effective measure to improve the seismic performance of masonry structure of multi-storey buildings. D. According to the importance of building function, a large number of buildings belong to category A and B seismic fortification in practice. 4After a high-rise building was put into use, it was found that the wall of fire water storage pool was slightly cracked and the leakage could not meet the normal use, which affected the structure of the building. A. Safety B. Applicability C. Practicality D. Durability 5The following is a mistake in the construction requirements for reinforcement of reinforced concrete beams. A. The failure of normal section of reinforced concrete beams is that steel bars yield first and concrete is crushed later. B. The failure of over-reinforced and less-reinforced beams is usually brittle without any warning. C. Proper allocation of stirrups and distribution of reinforcing bars are effective measures to prevent the failure of oblique sections. D. The web reinforcement in the beam has some influence on the mechanical performance of the oblique section. 6The height of masonry wall of a building is 2.2 meters and the thickness of wall is 320 mm. In order to increase the overall stability of the building structure, ring beams are set in the wall. The width and height of ring beams meet the design and economic requirements. A. 200, 150 B. 220, 100 C. 200, 100 D. 220, 150 7The net height of staircase space should be no less than (). A. 1.8m B. 2.0m C. 2.2m D. 2.5m 8The following statement about the mechanical properties of building steel is incorrect. A. The greater the yield ratio of steel, the greater the reliability and the higher the safety. B. Steel with higher brittle critical temperature than service temperature should be selected for structures used under negative temperature conditions. C. Bending properties of steel do not belong to mechanical properties of steel D. Excessive yield ratio of steel will lead to material waste. 9If the strength grade of a concrete is C30, then (). A. Standard value of concrete cubic compressive strength is 30MPa B. Standard value of axial compressive strength of concrete cube is 30MPa C. Indicates that the standard value of concrete cubic compressive strength is greater than or equal to 30MPa. D. Indicates that the standard value of axial compressive strength of concrete cubes is greater than or equal to 30 MPa. 10For a construction project in the north, when it is planned to carry out structural concrete construction in winter, priority should be given to (). A. Portland cement B. Ordinary cement C. Slag cement D. Fly ash cement 11For a cast-in-situ reinforced concrete floor with a span of 6 m, the arch-starting height of the formwork meets the requirements of (). A. No Arching B. 5mm C. 15mm D. 30mm 12In a roof project, the waterproofing grade of a building is determined to be Grade II according to the nature and function of the building, and the reasonable service life and waterproofing channel number are (). A. Ten years together B. Ten years two ways C. Fifteen years together D. Fifteen years two roads 13The following statement is correct about the function and application of construction survey instruments. A. Level is composed of three parts: the collimation part, the lev

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