First set 1. In order to build a simple and secure application system of "client/server" mode, it is required that: (1) users'passwords can be stored safely (without decryption); (2) users' passwords need to be protected in network transmission; (3) users and servers need to negotiate keys in order to achieve secure communication in unprotected channels; (4) messages can be authenticated in the process of communication to ensure thatMake sure the message is not tampered with.(Total 10 points) Assuming that the application system to be built allows the use of MD5, AES, DiffieHellman algorithm, given the message m, MD5 (m) and AES (m) are defined to represent the corresponding processing of m, respectively.In order to describe the algorithm accurately, another definition is as follows: given numbers x, y and z, x*y means multiplication operation, x/y means division operation, x^y means exponential operation, and x^ (y/z) means exponential operation.Please answer the following questions: (1) In order to store user's password safely, the server needs to store each user's password by using __________________(1 points) (2) Before establishing secure communication, users need to submit their usernames and passwords to the server for authentication. In order to prevent passwords from being eavesdropped in network transmission, client programs will use ___________________(1 points) (3) In order to establish secure communication between the server and the authenticated user, i.e. to create a session key on an unprotected channel, the most effective key exchange protocol is the ________________(2 points) (4) Assuming that there are two globally exposed parameters, one is a prime P and the other is an integer g, G is a primitive root of p, in order to negotiate the shared session key: Firstly, the server randomly selects a, calculates A=________________ mod p, and sends A to the user; (1 point) Then, the user randomly selects b, calculates B=_______________________ Finally, the server and the user can calculate the shared session key =_____________________(2 points) (5) In order to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data at the same time, users use AES to encrypt message m, and use MD5 to generate the authentication code of message ciphertext, which is sent to the server; assuming that the message ciphertext received by the server is C and the authentication code is Z.The server only needs to verify whether Z equals _____________________(2 points) 2In order to enhance the security of the database, please complete the SQL statements according to the operation requirements: (1 point per empty, a total of 5 points) (1) Create a role R1:____________________ (2) Allocate INSERT, UPDATE and SELECT permissions for role R1: _____________________ INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT ON TABLE Student (3) Reduce SELECT permissions for role R1: ______________________ (4) The role R1 is granted to Wang Ping, so that it has all the rights contained in role R1: ___________________ (5) Audit the operation of modifying the data of Student table: _____________________ 3) The following is the schematic diagram of TCP semi-connection scanning.Fig. 1 is the schematic diagram of TCP semi-connection scanning when the target host port is in the listening state; Fig. 2 is the schematic diagram of TCP semi-connection scanning when the target host port is not open.According to the principle of TCP semi-connection scanning, please complete the information of the label bits and status values of each packet in the scanning process.(1 point per empty space, 10 points in total) Please enter the content represented by A-J in the table below. A:___ [13]____ B:___ [14]____ C:__ [15]_____ D:___ [16]____ E:___ [17]____ F:___ [18]____ G:___ [19]____ H:___ [20]____ I:___ [21]____ J:___ [22]____ 4When a function call is made in a program running, the corresponding operation of the stack in memory is as follows: (1 point per empty, 5 points in total) The first step is to put ___________________ The second step is ____________________ The third step is ____________________ In the fourth step, the frame of the generating function stack in EBP is stacked. Fifth step, __________________________ Second sets 1In order to construct a simple and secure application system of "client/server" mode, it is required that: (1) the user's password can be safely stored (without decryption) and the password in network transmission can be protected; and (2)

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