Employee Reward and Punishment System Chapter I General Provisions Article 1This system is specially formulated for the sake of strict discipline, rewarding the advanced, punishing the backward, mobilizing the enthusiasm of workers and improving the efficiency of work and economic benefits. Second articleImplementing the principle of giving priority to spiritual encouragement and ideological education and supplementing economic rewards and punishments for employees Third articleThis system is suitable for all employees of the company. Fourth articleThe Personnel Administration Department and the Training Department of the company are responsible for supervising the implementation of the system. Fifth articleThis system applies to other rules and regulations which are not specified Article 6. Standards of Rewards and Punishments Staff reward and punishment standard punish level Managerial level or above Supervisor level Reserve cadre level Staff level First class ticket Class two ticket Class three ticket 300 200 100 200 100 50 100 50 30 50 30 20 warni ng Three times a month ,a threetier fine is impos ed. reward level Managerial level or above Supervisor level First class commend ation Two level commend ation Three level commend ation 300 200 100 200 100 50 Praise Three times a month , three Reserve cadre level 100 50 30 Staff level 50 30 20 awards will be awarde Article 7. Implementation of Rewards and Punishments (1) Rewards and penalties for employees who violate discipline shall be deducted from last month's fines when wages are paid on the 20th of the following month; (2) All stores and headquarters departments must submit all rewards and fines to the Personnel Administration Department before 10 days of each month. (3) Employees who believe that the company has imposed improper or negligent penalties may, within three working days from the date of receipt of the notification of penalties, prepare appropriate complaint materials and file a complaint with the Ministry of Personnel. The Ministry of Personnel shall give a reply within three working days from receipt of the complaint. During the period of the complaint, employees may suspend the execution of penalties. (4) Departmental managers or store managers shall supervise and administer outstanding performance or negligent behavior and make decisions on disciplinary violations and outstanding performance, which shall be carried out after verification by the Ministry of Personnel Administration; Article 8. Template of Rewards and Punishments List Employee rewards and penalties Serial number: departm _Reward_Punishment staf Job number date ent     Event description:     According to Article 1 of the Regulations on Rewards and Punishments: Give it: Announcement of praise Award Note of Xiaogong Note of the awardee's signature of the great merit prize yuan: Punishment: Warning Fine ticket Small Big Fine violator's signature: Signature issuer: of the Signature by the head of the department: Signed by the Ministry of Personnel Administration: Ministry of Finance approves: In charge of leadership instructions:   Chapter II Awards Reward is the embodiment of achievement, motivation and incentive measures. The company adheres to the principle of reward for merit and encourages employees to be diligent and dedicated. The company establishes the following incentive system: First, in case of being abused or assaulted by customers for no reason, we can still provide good service attitude according to the company's requirements. Article 2. To raise the reputation of the company by collecting money without ignorance: 1The value of the items (including cash) found by passengers is less than 5000; 2The value of the items (including cash) found by the visitors ranges from 5001 to 10000 yuan. 3The value of the objects (including cash) found by the visitors is more than 10001 yuan. Article 3. In addition to their own work, they are enthusiastic in serving and have specific deeds. Fourth, good service attitude, praised by customers or Jinqi. Article 5. Preventing mechanical breakdowns or rush repairs to keep operations from interrupting. Article 6. Rationalizing suggestions on the daily management of the company shall be efective after they are adopted. Article 7. We have made great achievements in energy conservation and consumption reduction through careful calculation and strict economy. 1P

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