The Post Responsibility System of Kindergarten Responsibilities of the Head of the Garden 1. The head of the kindergarten is the responsible system of the head of the Kindergarten under the leadership of the logistics company. He is responsible for the overall management of the kindergarten and presides over the work of the whole kindergarten. Second, we should earnestly study the Party's educational policy and the relevant laws, regulations and policies of the state, and comprehensively implement the Regulations on the Work of Kindergartens and the Regulations on the Work of Kindergartens. 3. To preside over the formulation of the work plan and various rules and regulations of the whole park, establish the objectives of hierarchical management, and establish a scientific management mechanism with reasonable structure, flexible coordination and timely feedback.Regular garden affairs meetings will be held to inspect the implementation of various work on the front line. 4. To be responsible for the appointment of teachers and staff in the whole park, to adjust the structure of staff in the park, to regularly assess and make a correct assessment of the staff in the school. 5. Understand the situation of education, teaching and research, health care and dietary management in an all-round way, and make timely adjustments according to the actual situation so as to minimize errors in work.We should give full play to the role of managers at all posts, promote democracy, respect personality, and strengthen the construction of "love, harmony, unity and upward" style of garden. 6. To grasp the ideological trends of faculty and staff in an all-round way, to carry out regular political and professional learning, and to improve their accomplishment.Concern about the life of teachers and staff, improve the living environment, safeguard legitimate rights and interests, enhance centripetal force and enhance cohesion. Seventh, parents'meetings are held regularly to show educational achievements, publicize family education methods, listen to parents' opinions, and improve the quality of running a garden. 8. Keep abreast of the developments of early childhood education at home and abroad, study the new achievements of early childhood education, and pay attention to the new trends of early childhood education development. Responsibility of Business Director 1. Cooperate with the head of the garden to jointly manage the education and teaching work of the whole park. 2. To formulate and organize the implementation of the educational work plan in accordance with the kindergarten education outline stipulated by the State. 3. Guiding teachers'work, inspecting, evaluating, assessing and arranging their work. Fourth, regularly go to all classes to see activities and teaching plans, guide and train teachers in a planned way to improve their professional level, and do a good job in business management, business data accumulation and filing. 5. Organize research activities on teachers'professional learning and early childhood education. 6. Organize and carry out research work on teaching and research, scientific research activities and daily teaching work in the park.Efforts should be made to learn professional knowledge, learn and absorb information and experience of preschool education in time, and promote the development of kindergarten work. 7. When the head of the garden is absent, he shall exercise his duties as head of the garden. Responsibilities of Kindergarten Head's Logistics and Nursing Assistant 1. Under the leadership of the head of the kindergarten, he is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the logistical work plan for infants'diet, hygiene and health care in the kindergarten. 2. Carefully implement the policy of "giving priority to prevention and strengthening", regularly understand and analyse the health situation of children with health care personnel, put forward management measures for health care work, and earnestly supervise and inspect the health system. 3. Organize the whole park's conservation work, organize nurses and logisticians to carry out business learning, carry out in-park conservation activities observation and thematic research, summarize and promote, exchange experience, help each other and help each other to improve the professional level of nurses and educators. 4. Implementing the policy of combining education with care, guiding nurses and log

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