Exercise Records of Fire Extinguishing and Evacuation Plan Drilling time 2019X months X days Drill place XXX gas station XXX gas station note-taker AAA Organizati on Departme nt Participan t All personnel Exercise 1When a fire is found at the unloading port or tank truck, the content unloader immediately closes the unloading valve and stops unloading oil. The unloader should call out "the tank truck is on fire" loudly. At the same time, press the sound and light alarm of the filling station, and use the fire extinguishing equipment placed in the unloading operation area to start the fire extinguishing. The other personnel of the filling station immediately start the emergency plan for fire extinguishing. 2When the gas station employees hear the call or alarm bell, they stop refueling immediately and pick up fire extinguishers nearby to help extinguish the fire., 3After hearing the call or alarm bell, the staff in the operating room immediately cut off the main power supply of the gas station, evacuate the vehicles and gas customers in the station as soon as possible, draw up the warning line to prevent unrelated personnel and vehicles from entering the station. If the crowd around the entrance and exit of the station is more difficult to control, they can call "110" to give an alarm and report to the station master for assistance. 4.When possible, the tanker driver should try to drive the tanker away from the gas station and to the safety zone. 5.If a person is burned by oil and gas flashover, the staff should immediately transfer the injured person to a safe place, dial "120" telephone, and wait for the ambulance to arrive. 6.If the fire can be extinguished, the fire extinguishing results should be confirmed to ensure that the fire will not resume and report the accident to the station master. 7.When the fire is too big to control within 2 minutes, call "119" alarm immediately to request rescue, and report to the station master, arrange personnel to guide the fire truck at the intersection. 8.After the arrival of the fire brigade, the staff of the gas station cooperated with the fire officers and soldiers to extinguish the fire. Scene photos Exercise Record of Lightning Emergency Disposal Evacuation Plan Drilling time 2019X months X days Drill place XXX gas station XXX gas station note-taker AAA Organizati on Departme nt Participan All personnel t Exercise Exercise Category: Desktop Exercise content Exercise process: Due to the thunderstorm and heavy storm in gas station during thunderstorm season, thunder and lightning continued. The attendant MMM immediately reported the bad weather to the station master. The drilling process: 1BBB, the station master, will immediately start the lightning emergency plan. 2NNN and VVV of the staff on duty will explain to the driver immediately, and evacuate the detained personnel in time. 2On duty security officer AAA timely disconnects the main power switch of the distribution cabinet at home and abroad, as well as the power switch of the main equipment and heavy load equipment in the gas station (such as the refueling machine, the lighting of the refueling area, etc.). 3CCC closes doors and windows in the lobby to prevent spherical thunder (rolling thunder) from intruding into business rooms and stationmaster rooms and causing harm. Employees are not allowed to call and receive mobile phones. 4Safety officer AAA requires employees not to be close to metal equipment (such as water pipes) and doors and windows which are easily struck by lightning. 5Employees are required to take shelter in a slightly spaced house or metal room under the roof.If there is no shelter nearby, you should squat your feet together and stand on non-moisture materials as far as possible, not under tall and separate trees. 6Avoid approaching or touching high metal objects or metal objects connected with them, such as railings, etc. If a lightning injury occurs: 1After the lightning strike, the employees should immediately check the distribution system and the refueling machine and other equipment. 2If it is found that equipment such as distribution system and tanker has been burned down, it is not allowed to use the equipment. 3If tripping is found, but the distribution system has no fault after inspection, the equipment should be restored immediately. 4In case of lightning injury, call 120 emergency telephone immediately and inform the guardian of the injured person to rush t

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