Company Safety Management System Safety management measures Chapter I Security Objectives Article 1: The company's safety objectives are: to eliminate workers'deaths due to work and nonwork; to eliminate external workers' deaths due to work; to cause an economic loss of more than 50,000 yuan (including) without mechanical equipment or fire; to control the annual serious injury rate below 0.5; and to control the annual injury rate below 3.To ensure that there are no local safety supervision departments to report criticism or owner's demolition for safety reasons. Chapter II Security Responsibility System Article 2: The company implements the responsibility system for production safety, clarifies the post responsibilities of the company leaders and personnel at all levels, and carries out the safety management of the whole staff, the whole process and all directions. Article 3: The manager of the company bears the overall leadership responsibility for the safety work of the company; the responsible leader bears the direct leadership responsibility for the safety work of the company; the safety and quality supervision department manages the safety work within the scope of responsibility under the leadership of the responsible leader; the project manager is the first person responsible for the safety production of the project, and bears the overall responsibility for the safety production of the project.Main responsibilities of personnel at all levels of the company: Company manager: 1. Carefully implement relevant laws and regulations on safety in production and labor protection at the national, local and higher levels.To be responsible for the establishment of safety management institutions and the allocation of personnel and other resources, and to ensure the normal implementation of safety management work. 2. In planning, layout, inspection, summary and evaluation of construction and production, safety work should be taken as an important part and put on the agenda.Correctly handle the relationship between safety, benefit, time limit and schedule, so as to make joint efforts. 3. Organize production safety and achieve the goal of production safety. Leadership/Chief Engineer: 1. Carefully implement national, local, industrial, owner and superior safety production policies, policies, regulations, technical specifications and systems. 2. Familiar with the general situation of the construction tasks of various projects, master the important and difficult projects of the project, and be responsible for organizing and reviewing the effectiveness of various safety rules and regulations and various safety technical measures, and checking the implementation. 3. Organize regular or special safety inspections to study and solve hidden dangers of major accidents. Project Manager: 1. Establish and improve the safety management mechanism and safety management rules and regulations of the project department, and rationally organize production according to the project contract. 2. Determine the safety management objectives of the project, rationally allocate production factors such as manpower, materials, equipment and funds, and organize the construction of standardized sites. 3. Check the safety of the construction site, solve the problems in construction production in time and eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents. 4. To formulate and implement safety technical measures and labor protection measures, do a good job in safety protection and constantly improve working conditions. 5. Educate workers regularly on safety production knowledge, safety technology operation rules and labor discipline, and constantly improve their safety production awareness and operation skills. 6. Strict management of external labor safety according to the regulations of external labor safety management. 7. Organize emergency rescue, analyze the causes of accidents, formulate and implement corrective and preventive measures. safety supervisor 1. To comply with the safety requirements of superiors, to master safety production rules and regulations and various safety technical specifications, and to be responsible for the safety production of construction site. 2. To be responsible for the inspection and management of all safety protection facilities, safety signs and warning signs in the construction site area, and to improve the organization of the Notice of Labor Safety Supervision and the Notice of Hidden Dangers. 4.

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