Reward and punishment system General provisions Article 1. Purpose: These Measures are formulated in order to ensure the implementation of the company's rules and regulations, promote all employees of the company to work hard and jointly create a standardized and orderly modern enterprise. Article 2. Scope of application: all personnel of the company. Article 3. The awards referred to in these Measures are divided into three categories: advanced producers (workers), meritorious records and promotion.A one-time bonus may be awarded when the above reward is given. Article 4. There are seven kinds of punishments mentioned in these Measures: warning, record of demerits, record of major demerits, demotion, dismissal, retention, inspection and dismissal. Two warnings are equal to one record, and two is equal to one major one.If they are twice punished for gross negligence, they must be demoted, dismissed, retained for inspection or dismissed. Article 5. Employees who have been retained for inspection may be given a 30-180-day inspection period by the company. Those who still fail to meet the requirements of the company after inspection shall be dismissed. Article 6. The company will not give any compensation to those who are expelled from the company.If the employee causes losses to the company, the employee shall also compensate the company for losses. Article 7. An employee who absents from work for more than two consecutive days (including two days) without the written approval of the company or who has accumulated absenteeism for more than three days (including three days) within one month shall be deemed to have left his post automatically.No matter how long the employee works, the company will not give any compensation.At the same time, the company also has the right to investigate the employee's liability for breach of contract and the liability for company losses. Section I Rewards Article 8. Employees who perform one of the following functions may be rewarded with advanced production (work), meritorious service or promotion: 1Comply with discipline and law, obey command and cooperate with each other. 2Love their work, enthusiastic service, excellent skills, outstanding performance; 3Work conscientiously and responsibly, and accomplish tasks in a quality and quantity manner. 4Actively cultivating talents with outstanding achievements; 5Those who have served for more than three years with excellent performance and have not been absent from work or punished; 6Actively put forward rationalization suggestions to the company, which are adopted by the company and are effective after implementation. 7To safeguard the interests and honors of the company, to protect public property, to prevent accidents and to recover economic losses is indeed successful. 8Adhere to self-study in spare time, constantly improve the level of business, and obtain bachelor's degree or other professional certificates during the company's term of office; 9Maintaining company rules and regulations and daring to stop, criticize and expose all kinds of violations of discipline; 10To put forward specific improvement plans for production technology, environmental improvement or management system, which have been adopted with remarkable results; 11Save material or have remarkable effect on waste utilization. 12Be brave and responsible in case of catastrophe, and handle it appropriately; 13Representing the company to participate in foreign competitions with excellent results; 14Making significant improvements in technology or processing tools; 15In case of an accident or catastrophe, the company will spare no effort to rescue it, thereby reducing its losses; 16Research and improvement of production equipment with special merits; 17To safeguard the company's major interests and make every effort to avoid major losses; 18They have other major achievements and are good examples for other employees. Section 2 Punishment Article 9. Employees who commit serious violations of labour discipline and rules and regulations under any of the following circumstances shall be punished with warnings, demerits, major demerits, demotion, dismissal, detention and inspection, and a fine of 5 to 5,000 yuan: 1Work time does not meet the requirements of dress; 2Those who fail to go to work on time, are late or leave early; 3Imperfect appearance and sloppy clothes are harmful to the company's image. 4In the activities that should abide by the

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